Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday night and Apple Pie

CC has been begging me to make apple pie again. So after all our work was done Papa Bear went to visit Stas and we started making apple pie. While the pie was baking CC taught Lena and I how to do the Waka Waka dance. Ohhh we were sweating! My brother Eric also called. We talked until almost two in the morning about our dad, grandma and Aunt Moya. It was so nice!
This morning I went into the kitchen and saw this in my sink...

And then I looked at the pie..,

Did I mention the girls stayed up way past me?!?!
And this was my girls...

Lena snuggled was on the ottoman snuggled next to CC.
We ran a few errands and now Papa Bear and I took the girls to Mom so we can go to Yuri's 60th birthday party.
It's been raining and I've been loving it! So have my roses. I'm blogging from my phone on the way to the party. There is an accident in front of us holding us up. We've been at this light almost 20 minutes!! Ahhh!! I don't like waiting... And we are already 28 minutes late!
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Send some rain this way, please! Oh, and a slice of pie as well :)


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