Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rednesday.. My Roses

Today is Rednesday! Hop on over to Sue and see more great reds!! I ALWAYS enjoy looking at everyone's reds!!

Today I'm showing you my roses, blooms, buds and red leaves.

My red cutter rose has been loving all this rain we've been getting!

I know I should cut them before they look like that. I just can't cut them! I just go dead head!!
I've noticed all my roses get these red leaves after a heavy rain or a good Miracle-Gro soaking!

Buds on my cutter..

We have to put rakes, hoes, bags, tomato towers..really anything between the bushes because Luigi loves to sleep in the rose bed. I'm convinced this had something to do with my yellow rose bush dying!

My most favorite bush, the multicolored Peace rose hasn't bloomed yet but it does have buds!!

The magenta double knock outs have really gone crazy too!

The rain damaged the petals but they've got several buds. There's not really any rain in the forecast so I'm hoping to cut these babies and bring them inside.

And my white Kennedy rose bush has some buds. There are a couple of blooms but they are in such desperate need if dead heading I couldn't even take pictures. Here are the buds...

And Luigi!!

Red lining on the Kennedy rose leaves.

My cutter bush from a distance. This bush has really taken off. It's doubled if not tripled in size!

I'm not really sure how late roses blossom so I'm enjoying it while I can.

I'm coming up on my 200th post giveaway. Saturday I'm planning to open it up. I enjoy hosting giveaways... They are so much fun!
I hope everyones having a good Wednesday!

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Your roses look very healthy and happy! I think mine are just about done for the season, but I'm thinking about adding one bush to the garden. I just can't decide what color and what kind!
Happy REDnesday!


Those roses look very healthy, despite the interference from Luigi! I look forward to seeing the bloomgs as well!



I love my rose garden, too. I live in the desert, so my better season is coming up. We SURVIVED the HOT Summer! Do you have other colors of roses in your garden, too?

Carmie, the Single Nester

Lovely roses. I always have such a tough time growing mine. Is the key to cut off the deadheads so that more growth is promoted for the next season?

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