Friday, August 13, 2010


Do you see what I see?? All my belongings from my desk!!
I knew it was coming. My boss did not speak to me or even look at me all week. When everyone left at 11 today he still had not talked to me about calling in Monday because my car wouldn't start. Then the last temps left at 12:30 and my opening supervisor didn't leave with them I really knew what was coming!! And sure enough, she told me our boss wanted to speak with us in the office. I told her I expected it. In fact, I all ready had all my belongings packed up and was out of there in less than 5 minutes! So here I am at home... for good now! I deleted the alarms from my phone. I can't say I will miss waking up at 4:30 a.m. Monday's and Tuesday's! But I will miss my friends and I will definitly miss my income!! But Papa Bear says it will all work out.. and I have to believe him!!
In the meantime I'm going to be looking for a job that won't stress me out the way this past one has. Honestly, you should see how much hair I have lost!!
Change can be good....right?



a stressful job is just not worth all the money in the world. Your health suffers and your family suffers. I'm glad you're staying positive because only good things can come from that.

Enchanted Rose Studio

My mother always says, "everything happens for the best, you may not see it right away, but you will always recognize it when it plays out". She's been right 100% so far, and she's 84 years old!

Chin up, this is a good thing!



I agree - highly stressful jobs are not worth it. Hang in there, something better is coming along soon!


Jenny S

YUP!! Like everyone else is saying. It is for the best!! Stress is the WORST!


When a door closes a window will indeed open.Change can be a very good thing,it already is...stress-less job! Ya!!!
I'd like to follow you and keep in touch.Please drop by and say hi.
I'm off to read more of your blog.

Suzie Button

Tracy, I am happy for you too to not get up at 4:30 a.m.! You're right, it will all work out. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet comment! Suzie


Last April I walked away from a job that was just killing me with stress....I had a wonderful summer and discovered all kinds of stuff that I so would not have even realized. I worked temp from Nov until this past June when I started a new full-time job. Everything did work out and sometimes it is better for them to give you that little push and make your life better.
'Keep calm and carry on' they say! I wish you all the best and I know your spirit will lift you up and see the brighter future!
Happy Saturday and thanks for making me smile!!
xOxO Nerina


Hi April,
Well, they say change is good, right? let's hope it is for you, too!:)
Thanks for stopping by. I loved your comment. We homeschool too, which is why I think I miss school shopping, although not the loss of money:)


Hi April - thank you for stopping by and visiting me this morning! I am a teacher and go back to work in a few days. I have enjoyed my summer break. I hope you enjoy your time at home too! Hugs, Patti


Happy PS... thanks so much for stopping and visitng my blog. Your comments on my tote bag were very well appreciated. I am so excited to offering them in my Etsy shop and just posted that one two days ago.

Enjoy your time at home while looking for your new dream job... it awaits you!



hugs. I'm visisting so I don't know how much this job did stress you out but I know we all appreciate a pay check. Hope you find a new, better, job soon.


Just take a breather. Hope for the best.
Thank you for coming by.
Happy Pink Saturday.

♥ Regina

A Hopeful Heart

This is my first visit to your blog. You visited my blog this morning, and I wanted to return the visit.

Stress is SO not good. It destroys our health and robs us of joy, so being out of a stressful job is definitely a good thing.

However, change is always hard. Just as you are in a new season, so am I. After homeschooling my kids since 1999, with the graduation of my son this summer, my schooling days are over. I'm a bit sad about it, but I'm trying to embrace this new season.

Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)


Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, when I first stayed home things were tight but God has always been faithful and provided all that we need. Hang in there and enjoy your time for the moment!

Tobi Britton*

Hello Sweet April!
Don't worry about that job... God has a better plan for you-get excited!So which daughter is loving my fairy trees? Does she like ballerinas? Have her leave a comment on my blog. Hee hee, the pixies may just send her a secret gift!!! I will need your mailing address.
Have a beautiful Pink Saturday!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!


eeeek, thats awful!!!! maybe a great job will open, that will inspire you instead of stressing you!!!
answer to your question, I have done every way they say to dead head or prune your roses all work the same, I have soooooo many that I got tired and bought a huge hand held hedger, I just go to town, and they still come back!!! so just do what ever you want..hahaha, I think they don't care.


April I've been unemployed for over 18 months now and I have to say, everything does happen for a reason ;) I also had a very stressful job as a Controller for over 7 years and the last two years were corporate take-over say the least. So we also knew it was coming and tried to make financial plans accordingly. The economy has been real tough, but all in all, I'm so much happier with less stress, less space and MORE time to do what really matters. Best of luck to you, fondly, Roberta


A job should never be so stressful that you lose your hair over it! A change is always good, find something you are passionate about and truly love and you will be happy. Good lock and keep us posted! Marcia in California

Dogmom Diva

April, its ok, it will work out...I worked most of my adult life and had a couple jobs that honestly were just the worst. I regretted that I stuck with them too long and didn't get out..Stress eats you from the inside out. Something better will come along! God has a plan!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I so appreicate it!

have a wonderful, stress free week!




Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

Hi April,
Stress is bad for your health so I agree, change is good! When one door closes, another opens! Thank you for stopping by today and leaving your nice comment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



Change is very good. Also, sounds like you added years to your life by leaving a stressful job.


I will add my voice to those that say stress is bad for you. Don't beat yourself up about it. It is not where you were meant to be. I have done a few jobs that were stressful and either walked out on them or was let go. All a part of life. Relax and enjoy your time off. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

Le Chateau des fleurs

Girl i am so sorry and it is sad...BUT i think there is better out there for you FOR SURE! You deserve a fun and interesting and good income job.
Believe in it..It is coming...Change is very good :)
Big hugs

black eyed susans kitchen

Deep breaths....there are a million cliches that have been written about your situation. I hope that you find the job of your dreams and can look back on this time and wish it had come sooner. Congratulations on moving into a new chapter of your life.
♥, Susan


Change can be very good and I'm sure there is another job out there for you. Thanks for the wonderful tips about the beets. It really was appreciated. Have a good day. Blessings...Mary.


Hi April! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me. I am sorry to hear you lost your job but I sincerely hope greater things are on the horizon for you! Have a beautiful Summer day!


WOW! Friday the 13th! It is crummy that your boss waited and didn't even speak. There really should be classes for this. But it will work out as this doesn't seem to have been your calling anyway! Hope the next job is awesome!
Hugs, Lisa

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