Friday, August 20, 2010

A favorite with a twist

I was so happy to finally stay in yesterday. It seems like everyday this week we have been on the go! There not much staying at home since I've become a stay at home mom!!!

We took pork out with the plan to shish-kebob it but it's been so hot the last thing we wanted to do was fire up the grill.

We usually make this "stew" with beef and eggplant but the pork was defrosted and I forgot to buy eggplant.
So we compromised.

In went the potatoes...

and onions...

I put my favorite, and in my opinion the best, olive oil in the pan...

First go the onions...

then throw in the carrots...

Let the sauté good...

While the onion and carrot sauté I chopped up my pork.

Once the carrots begin to soften I threw in the pork to brown it.

While I cooked the onions, carrots and pork I had the diced potatoes in the slow cooker with water almost covering them.
After the meat browned a bit I threw everything into the slow cooker.

Mixed it well, covered it and let it sit.

The pork just didn't come out as juicy as the beef so we added a can of stewed tomatoes with their juice and a can of drained corn.

It was soooo good! We sliced some ciabiatta bread to dip in our stew.

I noticed I used the same old cutting board for the onions, the meat and then to slice and serve the bread. That was the first cutting board I bought when Papa Bear and I moved in together ten years ago. The board is stained, ugly, scraped...but I just can't get rid of it. It has sentimental meaning to me and so it stays.

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