Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Fashion Blog Challenge

Bloggy Moms has issued a challenge for August and I thought Iwoud join in.

I see that I have to be brutally honest. So this is the challenge....

August Blog Challenge: {Fall(ing) from Fashion} Where do you stand on fashion? Do you consider yourself trendy? Were you once up on the latest styles and fashion but have not taken the mommy role and wear stretchy pants and a t-shirt? What will you be wearing this Fall? What was your biggest fashion mistake? You can take this challenge almost anywhere as long as it deals with fashion.

Fashion... I used to think I was pretty fashionable. I know what I would LOVE to wear and match. However, I am not the skinniest girl on the block and I am extremely top heavy...seriously...I'm carrying a toddler up there!!! So..... things I would love to wear and items I think would look so good together just DO NOT look good on me!!! Before I had my girls I looked darn good and I knew it. I could walk in any store, purchase any jeans and cute little shirt or short sun dress and look good..... not the case now.
It seems the only clothes that fit me well are not age appropriate for me. I know I'm a mom and now a stay at home mom but that doesn't mean I want to walk around in moo-moos all day. Don't get me wrong, I have no qualms about lounging out in home...with no company. It could be relaxing. I'm typing this in a cute red night right now.. at 10:42 a.m.!! But that's a night, not a moo-moo...a rare find, this cute nighty with lacy straps in my size that doesn't look like a tent!
I love looking back through my old pictures and seeing my hair sprayed so high. You know the style...get your large tooth comb, hold that hair up high, soak your hair in hairspray and hit it with the hair dryer 'til the hair stood up and the rest fell like a waterfall on each side of your head...and don't forget the bangs....I would have three rows curled down with the curling iron, then with my fingers or the above mentioned comb poof my bangs up high in something resembling a pyramid and shoot it with more hairspray. Top off that look with pink eyeshadow, Tammy Faye eyeliner, metallic pink lipstick and shoulder pads..oh yeah... THAT was looking good!!! And if you were lucky, you had a pair of MC Hammer geanie pants to go along with it!

These days I will splurge on a good pair of slacks or dressy capri's. I am totally in love with skirts. I have come to realize I will never be the size I was pre-kids. It's just not gonna happen. I don't worry as much what other people think about what I wear. For me, I just want to be comfortable. So... nice capri's, love Tommy jeans and button up blouses. I have an affection for camo t-shirts and will pair it with anything ... seriously! CC almost had a heart attack the other day because I went to the store in a nice black mid-calf broom skirt and a camo shirt. It matched and I loved the way it looked!

Mostly you will find me in a pair of capri's and a nice shirt or jeans and tennies with one of Papa Bear's t-shirts. I like to be comfortable but when going out I will dress up. Quick trips to Target or Wal-Mart will find me in capri's and t's or jeans and t's. More than a few stores or the bookstore... I will put more effort into it. Especially since CC polices what I wear and will let me know if I'm looking like a "stay home mom".... then it's back to the closet for a quick change!
I do take a risk sometimes. I love dressy loafers and the occassional wedge. This last pair of wedges I have cost $368! So I put my money into wise investments! These shoes will last a lifetime!

I often wear black tops because I am so top heavy. I feel it balances things out. My new passion is bright, chunky long necklaces...paired guessed it... a black top!
I am trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. I am moving into dark purples.. it's just so pretty! I love all jewel tones!

I also splurge on purses and perfumes. If you ask anyone in my family what my top three priorities are in clothing and accessories they will tell you.. purese, perfume and shoes. This is just the way it has always been for me... since I will young. I always wanted to be a "nose." I think I would be a good "nose". And purese.... I could hurt myself buying purses... My husband used to not understand it. He would tell me it's just a purse, what's the big deal. NOW he tells me it's worth investing in a good purse instead of wasting money on cheap things that don't last. He can tell the quality and craftsmanship of a good purse and doesn't bark when I get new ones. In fact, we have a challenge going on right now. The road behind our house is under construction and we are betting on the completion date. IF I'm right I get a new purse.... IF he's right we go to Vegas and I STILL get my purse... Talk about a win/win situation!!!
So, now....
what are your fashion mistakes?
do you have a signature style?
is there any piece of clothing or shoes or a purse you just HAVE to have?
or have you just gone the easy route and dress comfortably?



Oh April - just made me laugh out loud. I feel the same way:)


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