Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homeschooling Day plus other things

I have found a system that works pretty good for us homeschooling. I prepare the girls' work on the weekend, which usually ends up with me getting to bed super late, like 2 a.m. But it's ok. I give the girls two two hour sessions with a one hour break in between.

Here is Charlie watching me in the kitchen before the girls began their work.
And of course the bad Mr. Toby had to be included!
Lena checked this book out at the library Sunday. By Monday afternoon she only had about 15 pages left to read. THANK YOU LORD I have two readers!!Monday morning I decided to make my girls some "fried" apples. I had seen a recipe similar to this on another blog and thought it looked so good!! And I had some apples that we never touched and I didn't want them to go bad.
So I peeled and cubed them. The girls wanted them cubed. I wanted them sliced but this breakfast wasn't for me.....
I almost ran out of room on my cutting board!
I got my skillet nice and hot and buttered down... well not too buttered down, but enough so that the apples wouldn't stick!
I added cinnamon. I think the blogger that I saw also included nutmeg but I couldn't find mine. I did find pumpkin seasoning and thought that might be fun to add to it. But I didn't. I just wanted to make a regular batch first...experiments can come later!
Next I dumped in some brown sugar. I wish I could tell you how much but I just grabbed a handfull and dumped. And it was quite sweet, so next time I will surely use less sugar!
I threw in a little vanilla. I mean, vanilla goes with everything right? How could you NOT include it when you are frying apples with cinnamon and brown sugar?!?!?!
Then I super cheated and stuck some waffles in the toaster, buttered them, poured a little syrup at Lena's request and topped with my fried apples! It was good...sweet...but good!
After breakfast it was homework time. Like I said, I break it up in two sessions. 9-11 for the morning, an hour for lunch and then 12-2 for the last session. After school work they do their chores AND THEN they can earn free time to play on the computer or Wii. During their hour break they aren't allowed to play video games. They can rest or read.
This is normally how the table looks at their break time. It drives me crazy when it's this cluttered but it is always picked up when "school" is over.
These are just some random pictures I found on my camera. I always label the pictures I download with the month and year. Then at the end of the month I combine all folder, delete the ones I don't need to keep and upload the rest to Walgreens.com. This way, God forbid anything happen to my computer, I will always have a backup of my photos.
I have mentioned that Charlie is being VERY aggressive to Luigi lately. Here is a funny picture I found from last week. Luigi was laying in his favorite spot by the front door and was trying to leave. Toby is in the middle "protecting" Luigi from Charlie and Charlie is monitoring Luigi, ready to attack at the slightest wrong move!
Poor Luigi, look how he has his head down, afraid to even make eye contact with Charlie!
And apparently Lena wrapped Toby up in her mimi. Lena was given this blanket when she was 2 days old by our friends. She still has it today and sleeps with it occassionally. When she was little I would have to wash it at night after she fell asleep because she would sit in front of the washer and cry "Mimi...mimi...." We always ended up giving it to her wet. Waiting for it to dry was out of the question!
My two little boys asleep on my bed. I think Toby was mad at Charlie here because of his attacking Luigi and he turned his back to Charlie.
Charlie was trying to make nice and snuggled next to Toby.
Last week CC called me outside and told me I HAD to see this. There were about 40 dragonflies zooming in front of my house. I tried to capture them but it was too hard. They are so fast. So as I was going through my photos I found this one. If you enlarge it you can see the dragonfly perfectly!
Today was such a sweet day. The girls spent the night with my mom. Papa Bear and I rented "It's Complicated" and ate sopapillas and drank Las Palapas sweet tea! This morning we woke up early and ran some important errands. More on that hopefully next week!!! Then we went to our favorite Thai restaurant again, headed to the mall and now we are home.
Since the girls aren't here I actually have a few minutes to write this post and just do some things I need to do here that I don't really have time to do when they are home.
Tuesday's are my and Papa Bear's date day..... I love Tuesday's!!




Found your blog on Bloggy Moms. Good luck with the homeschooling, I think that schedule is perfect. I could never really do the homeschooling I don't think. I don't think my little one would sit down and listen to me. LOL...but he's only 17 months old.

Well Have a good rest of your Tuesday!

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I admire you for homeschooling. I have several members of my family who homeschool and the kids are so incredibly bright and well mannered. I can understand why anyone would choose this option over public schools. Kudos to you for taking the time to do it! Love the kitties too, by the way!


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