Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1.} One of the things I love most about being a SAHM is waking up to my Papa Bear every morning and being able to give him a kiss. I never knew how much I missed something so simple!

{2.} When Toby and CC snuggle up like this I get jealous! Why can't he do that with me? I know he CAN but he WON'T!!! AND to top it off, she didn't even WANT him! Papa Bear caught him trying to catch Lena's fish with his paw in the bowl.... we got him out and closed the door!

{3.} One of the BEST purchases I EVER made was buying my Keurig. It makes the best hot cocoa, coffee, iced coffee and hot tea. I don't think I would be able to make it through the day without this little buddy! I'm in LOVE!!!
{4.} I actually had fun doing this craft with Lena. I didn't know how a boa on a flip flop would turn out, but she loves it!! And it was a HUGE stress relief!! Now if only I could get the second shoe finished!!

{5.} Toby really is bad... like seriously...just BAD!! He hangs from the curtains. We had some decorations hanging from the chandelier in the breakfast area and Lena was screaming because he was hanging from that!! He eats more than I've EVER seen any cat eat and he sheds something terrible!!

{6.} I guess I really shouldn't have let me car get this dirty!! I admit, it's embarrassing!! But I worked and honestly had NO time. And it felt sooooooo nice to drive home in a clean car last night! I can't wait for Papa Bear to see it!!

{7.} One major reason I love posting blogs on my iPhone is that is corrects misspelled words, capitalizes "I" and the first letters of each sentence. I can insert photos anywhere I want and I just click the space bar twice and it puts a period at the end of that sentence and then capitalizes the first letter of the next sentence.... ok..that was actually four reasons!



Your posts are far from mundane! Cute cat, even if he is a pistol at times!



Happy Monday! I totally dream about a Keurig but am waiting for some fairy godmother to surprise me with it! =) and my husband would attest to the fact that my van always looks that dirty unless he washes it... I just never think about it! (Much to his dismay...) have a great day!


Oh, I'm in love with my Keurig too. I 've had it a year and it is the BEST!!

Tell your daughter to just let me know if she would like to have a Welsh Corgi. :o) They should be looking for homes in a couple of months.

Enjoyed my visit and thanks for stopping by.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest

Ok...I think you convinced me. I need an I just have to convince my DH. Thank you for coming by The Vintage Nest and signing up for the give-away and I hope you have a fantastic week.


Hi April! How lovely to meet you! Thanks for stopping by Windy Poplars and saying hello! It's so fun to find new fellow fall fanatics (say that 10 times fast). It looks like our swap will be a go, so just look for the official sign up sometime within the next week or so.- Loved your Miscellany! We had a naughty cat like yours once upon a time - but she was so cute and smart, we had to love her anyway :-) Great to hear the Keurig review. I've been seriously thinking of getting one for our guest room (but I have a feeling I'll enjoy it a whole lot too)! Where do you find to be the best source for the K cups? Hope you're having a great day so far! Again, so nice to meet you!


Hi April,

I really enjoyed reading your post. I love coffee so I will probably have to see where I can try and find someone with a Keurig so I can try some. Sounds wonderful!



Thanks so much for coming by with your sweet words today. I so appreciate your visits.

Both son and daughter have the Keurig and they LOVE it...and I LOVE it when I am there and can have all those fancy drinks. So glad you are lovin' yours, too.

And they have IPhones (and most of the grands do, too) and I am AMAZED at all they do on them.
Just blows my sox off...(I barely know how to click on my answering machine at home) remember...I'm olden. :))


hi april,

thanks for stopping by!

stay-cations are pretty awesome..even if done from home! having been in the same city for so long, i realize there's still so much left to see.. so playing tourist is fun sometimes. i actually found a couple of disposable cameras from who knows when .. i wish we had time to roam around & take more pictures :)

& wow, props on home schooling - that sounds like a tough, but fun job!

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