Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Question Friday

This is my first time partcipating in Five Question Friday.

I think it's fun to join in the party and get to know others out in blogland....

So here goes...

1. Do you have any nicknames and if so how did it come about?

Blue - from a birthmark.
Apey - short for April, not so sure I like it! Lol!!
Mom, Mommy, Baby (my Moms)
and a couple of not so nice ones given to me by my husband that I can't, no I WON'T put on here...
Let me give you one...

He's Russian and would call me "karova" sometimes. He always told me it was a cute little something, just a sweet nickname. SOOOOO..... we were watching Russian Tv and a child's program came on. This segment was filmed on a farm... so across my TV walks a ...COW... and then you hear... karoovaa. My mouth dropped open. I turned and looked at him.... You should have seen the look on his face...priceless!

2. What is your birth order amongst your siblings?
I am the youngest of 6..
Jr, Wayne, Tony, Lisa, Stacy and me

3. In a movie of your life, who would play your significant other?
ummm... no one is that perfect... j/k. If I could choose anyone I would choose Clark Gable!

4. What is currently your favorite song?

Keith Urban... I'm it!

5. Are you saving your money for anything right now? Big or small purchase?

Yes, but not for any ONE thing in particular. I'm not working now so we are just saving in general!



oh my goodness! your husband got away with it for too long! I'll bet he was embarrassed, though.


Oh, what a great post. I love these Q&A type of posts.


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