Monday, August 16, 2010

My Monday

Wow! Today I stayed so busy I couldn't believe it! To start off I woke up at 4:44 a.m. This was absolutely no fun, especially since I don't HAVE to any longer! I did go back to sleep and woke up later around 8. I fed the animals, caught up on some blogging and made coffee. CC woke up not much later and our day began...
*Wal-Mart to return the car battery that got me fired.
*Greenfield for the cinnamon rolls CC's been craving.
*Wal-greens to return "The Crazies".
*Home to make lunch/ snacks for everyone.
*Bank stop
By the time we got to the first store I was so tired I feel asleep in the car!
At the next store I took advantage of my wait. The mall has a beautiful Barnes and Noble.

And since I knew it would take a while for Papa Bear to finish, I decided to run in and check it out. It's lovely, two stories,very open and spacious. Their textbook area had lots of great homeschooling texts for us. And... Since CC's books have been ordered, I really should have gotten Lena this...

But instead I bought this...

I feel guilty! It was only $4.95 but still, I'm not working and I shouldn't be wasting money. The book is hiding in CC's room right now.
My friend Gina called me somewhere between the invoicing and the bank. She invited me to dinner and asked me to help her with some paperwork. I got to her house kinda late but we had a really nice time. We haven't had the chance to really talk in such a long time.
By the time we left it was late and I honestly didn't feel like cooking. Luckily theres a Target nearby.

So we settled for a fast, easy meal...
Chicken wings, barbecue and tequila lime...

And cheese sticks and jalepeno poppers...

Now I'm in bed exhausted. This staying home isn't what I thought it would be so far. I'm tired! And I stayed soooo busy!! I expected coffee on the patio with my roses, scheduled school lessons for the girls, time with my Papa Bear... But I mostly worked. It's ok though. I love being with the family. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more rest.
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Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I find that bookstores are wonderful to soothe the soul,


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