Sunday, August 8, 2010


This has been one very uneventful weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love weekends like this...nothing scheduled, nothing planned. Just home relaxing, doing exactly what I should be doing after working all week.
I didn't have to do deliveries Friday, CC reminded me actually all week I hadn't done deliveries! Very nice... especially since one store kept Papa Bear til 8 on Monday and he stopped by a friend on Friday. Saturday I washed loads of clothes, cleaned the kitchen like five times, boxed up my U-Verse equipment (thought I'd lost one receiver but found I had already returned it, I guess) and Mom came over. We looked at her new apartment she will be moving into at the end of the month. Then we went to Greenfields to get a few groceries. They have Majesty Palm's there on sale for $7.99. I am seriously thinking about going back and purchasing some, or one, or three...don't know yet. Papa Bear knows how I HATE...really, really HATE those bushes in front of our house and he suggested we could put the palms there. Very Nice...til I read they can grow up to 30 or more feet high. Not too sure how that will work out!
I took Papa Bear to meet with Arkadiy around 830 pm. They were supposed to watch some boxing match at this new bar by A's house then go to A's pool to swim. You see, these Russians see no problem staying up til the sun comes up then calling it a night (or day) and go home to pass out. One completely screws up the next day! I warned him this wasn't going to happen. I left him and went home, watched a movie with the girls then called him around 130am. Any husband should be home by then right? Well, they had just gotten to the pool twenty minutes ago and he wasn't ready to come home. And who did I want to talk to on the phone? Excuse me??? I called YOU didn't I? I'm guessing that's who I wanted to talk to!!!
I went back to sleep but couldn't sleep comfortably because I didn't know if he was still drinking, how is he feeling, are they driving... you name it! So close to 4am I called him to tell him I'm coming to get is over. He kept telling me no, it's Aug 8 and that means its A's birthday... did I know it's Aug 8 and that means it A's b-day. They still have to go to Taco Cabana or IHOP guessed's Aug 8 and that means it's Arkadiy's birthday. I could care less... Especially when Stas was joking and told me to make gretchka with cat meat...not funny to someone who is about to start PMS'ing and has only slept 3 hours! I laid back down and kept thinking about needing to go pick him up. I could feel my stomach in knots and heartburn starting.
Then I remembered... Arkadiy had a new gate code and
I wouldn't be able to get in!!!
And I doubted at 4AM anyone would be going in or leaving through the gates...

Then as if on cue Papa Bear calls me, whining, when are you coming..are you close.. are you almost here.. Stas can bring me home. No Thank You. I haven't been drinking and I prefer to drive you home. I met them half way. I had just taken off and Papa Bear tells me to not drive so fast... I didn't think 5 mph was fast...but I knew I could make this a SUPER FUN drive home...wink least SUPER FUN for me!!! I just happened to hit EVERY speed bump on HIS side...and don't you know it, I just happened to forget where those darn stop signs were. So I just HAD to slam on the breaks.... that was funny! I happened to go a little fast, hit some potholes, take some corners faster than I should, or ever would if I wasn't tired, irritated and fed up!
We made it home he stumbled straight to the bed and I hear him snoring now. HOWEVER, it is now 6:00 a.m. exactly and I am no where near sleep. My entire day is now ruined. If I nap later on it will mess me up for sleep tonight. And I have to sleep because in exactly 24 hours I have to be AT the bank ready to work....


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