Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Storm Has Passed

All yesterday the news was predicting thunderstorms with strong wind. We hear these reports all the time and all we usually get is a few light showers that really do nothing more than up the humidity!
But last night the sky started getting real dark and the air got a little chillier. It was real still and calm. Then the winds started. As the minutes went by they got stronger and stronger. Before you knew it our neighbors tree was swaying so hard from side to side. The girls said it looked like an octopus swimming in the water. Then the shingles from everyones roof started flying off. I went outside for a closer look and it was just insane. The sky was black and there were HUGE bolts of lightening. Things started flying around and then CC and I felt something like needles hitting us and going in our eyes. I saw my neighbors fence break down and pieces if woods flying.

We ran inside so we wouldn't get hurt. I saw splinters from the fence in Lena's window this morning from the fence.

We heard some booms on the sides of the house but didn't want to go out and look. The lights were flickering on and off.

YouTube Video

My Papa Bear was out driving around and I was so worried for him. He said he saw lightening hit a transformer. And he said the car was swaying back and forth.
After hegit home we watched the news to see what was happening in other parts of town. Our neighbor knocked on our door and said she needed help. The fence between her house and our house was down too.

There was another section down. It was rested on our house. And so was her mangled and broken metal gazebo. Our house stopped it from flying any farther. And one piece of wood was on our electric box on the outside of our house. I'm sure there is a name for that box I just can't think of it now. That one piece of wood stopped a piece of the metal from going into that box.
So this morning while I was at work Emil and CC picked up a lot of the mess that was out back and fixed part of the fence with what they had here at home. I had to stop by Lowe's and get more boards.

We were fortunate not to have worse damage. The radio said the winds were over 65mph and over 65,000 people were with out electricity.
I did manage to lose a new branch from my red rose bush. But CC put it in a Sonic cup

and Mom gave me some root booster when I stopped by for coffe after work today. My other roses seemed to love the storm. Even my yellow rose which has been struggling lately.

It looks more alive, more awake. My white rose even has new buds on it!

My double knock out opened up too!

My peace rose opened up too but all the rain and dirt dirtied it!

And my red rose bush still has no buds but it's shooting up like crazy. It's almost as tall as me!

Last night could have been much worse. I am just so thankful what was damaged was fixable! I'm off to shower now and then begin dough for pizza!



Ohhhh, your roses look super. Guess that root booster helps!!! Beautiful.

Ya, that storm was a doozie. Still, last night, have of the city did not have power restored.


HALF...half the city, not have. LOL

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