Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink Saturday - Craftiques Mall

A couple of weeks ago a new crafts mall opened up, Craftiques, and it was advertising on the local news channel. The girls and I love to visit Homestead Handcrafts and this looked so much like it, we thought we should drive over and check it out.
It was very, very nice. There were much more antiques than crafts... but it was all just as well. I did come home with a couple of really cute things and again.. I didn't take pictures. But I WILL get them up...soon!
We saw so many cute things there I had to take my phone out and snap some pictures... especially when I saw this booth!!!!!
When I saw this I immediately thought about each of the participants and our wonderful host Beverly, on Pink Saturday...

Cute little perfume plush...
fun pink beads....
I really liked this little pillow...
This jewelry holder was so cute.... I wanted to bring it home!
loving this pink tea pot....
too pretty... another pink tea pot.....
and the matching saucer.....
this set was adorable. If I had my china cabinet this would have surely come home with me!
Here's a bigger shot of all the pink goodness this booth had to offer...
When I saw this key I thought of all the amazing crafty bloggers out there and all the wonderful things they could create with this. Me.... well, I probably wouldn't have even been able to think of putting this pink ribbon on it to dress it up. I can definately appreciate crafts and I really wish I could craft...but it stops there. I guess I have NO imagination!!!
I absolutely LOVED this costume jewelry. Some nights I stay up looking on eBay for old costume jewelry. I love, love, love it!!
This old phone reminded me of an oooollllddd Hollywood movie. I love those. The ladies were such ladies, so elegant in their dress and their manners.... I could spend all day watching those old movies...... Hey, I just noticed it has push buttons... I guess it's not too old.. but it sure is cute!
I took all of these photos on my phone, it's all I had with me. Lots of the details and colors didn't come out so clear and this is one example. This entire pillow was beaded in these small shiny pink bagguette shaped beads. It was sooooo pretty. Not practical, but pretty!!
And living in Texas, this pink cowgirl hat with a pink leopard print scarf couldn't have been more appropriate!
Laughter and Latte...that's my kind of book!!! And how cute is that little gumball machine?
These childerns ballet slippers seemed such a perfect fit for Pink Saturday... very nostalgic!
This old organ was so pretty...

There were several paintings at Craftiques. The girls thought the eyes of the children followed them and they told me they would NEVER allow me to bring a painting like this home...
But this one was ok with them!!! I love the colors of it!!!
This lamp is a perfect example of the mind of crafters... I would NEVER in million years be able to dream up this idea, much less create it!!!
But I love it!! The old books.....
The crochet's just perfect!!!!
I found this cutie on a shelf in another booth hidden in the back.
And this dress... I loved it. If I were many, many pounds lighter I would soooo wear dresses like this. I think this is how a lady should dress.. Maybe I'm old-fashioned...that's ok. I love this!!!
just look at these buttons.... then finish it off with a soft floral perfume... perfect!
Cute little note cards....
I love Elvis... so of course, I HAD to take a picture of this......
This was the last thing we took photos of. These are Afgani necklaces. They are so beautiful!
Look at this beadwork.....
I fell in love with these necklaces... but they were expensive and I honestly would probably never wear it!!! But I would definately love looking at them!!
I took more photos but it's just too many for one post. You're probably bored out of your mind by now!! I will be posting them later on though.
I also want to give a HUGE "thank you" to Beverly for taking her time and hosting this fun party for us pink-lovers each and every Saturday. I love to spend my Saturday morning outside with my roses, drinking coffee and looking at as many PS posts as I can! Do you have any "PS rituals" you do?
Today I am taking the girls to a park we found. We are wanting to go early and beat the heat. This should be fun. We are going to pack a light little lunch for us, lots of water and sunscreen!!!


Sweet Bee Cottage

What a fun place! Did you buy anything? I always want to know what made the cut and actually came home with you. :)


Ohhh, what a fun,wonderful post!!!! Where to start?? I am always amazed at the wonderful pinks that everyone finds..and yours are simply the best. I loved it all, from the gorgeous tea pots,cups and saucers..the pretty key..the necklaces. Ooo,those necklaces!!! But like you,I would never wear them. I so enjoyed your pictures, you've made it so we kinda took the trip with you, and it was great fun. Happy Pinks and have a lovely weekend..

someplace in thyme

What a perfectly fun post today. I enjoyed seeing all the wonderful items you had for us. Happy Pink Saturday, Char


Oh these pinks are such great finds! Love 'em!

And in your previous post- those boots are to DIE for!!!

Happy ps!


It is easier to get than to keep it...................................................................


Did you buy anything?

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