Sunday, June 13, 2010

Full weekend...

Wow! This has been one full weekend. For once I am so happy it's over!! Friday after work Papa Bear stopped by the Russian store and bought all the goodies... Smoked bacon, caviar, tarhoon, dvarok, selotka, Russian candy, brown bread... You name it! So this weekend we have been treating ourselves with good, good russian food!
Saturday my mother and father in law came. I didn't even get one picture! They didn't get here til 4pm and then left to a party at 8:30. The left today around 10:30 in the morning!! Such a short trip for a 4-5 hr drive. Saturday morning Mom and I went to Agee garage sales. We were late and there wasn't much left but I did snag a cute plate holder for $2!! It's gold now but I plan on painting it black. During the day Saturday, Papa Bear was gone watching the big England/USA FIFA game. He said it was one of the most fun day's he's had in a long time. I didn't call him but once and I didn't bug him about being gone all day. This happens once every four years and he deserves to have fun with the boys once in a while. Saturday night I met Lisa at Taco Cabana for tacos and margaritas! It's been such a long time since we've gone out anywhere... And this time neither one if had our kids with us!! So we had a nice two hours of uninterrupted conversation!! And my new quilt arrived Saturday!!
Today pretty soon after I woke up and before it got too hot I pulled the grass from my rose garden. I made us a quick snack and we left to walmart for a few things we needed for the house. Next was Game Stop... Two different locations ...for the game Lena wanted. She insisted on a zombie game... I said no..too violent! We eneded up getting American Idol karaoke for the Playstation 2 ( Lena is actually singing right now!). We bought Family Feud at the second location. Sonic was next... Happy hour drinks! I had seen a segment on San Antonio Living about a new store called Craftiques. It's basically like Honestead Handcrafts. Vendors rent spaces and sell mostly antiques. Sadly there wasn't many crafts. I did take tons of pics and walked away with a couple of goodies. Again, I haven't taken any pictures yet. We got home and I threw salmon and veggies in our new steamer ( thank you Karina).

We needed a second remote for the Family Feud game so we went to Target. First we took a quick road trip past the gas station. We had never driven that far down our main road. It was all country. Very pretty and green. We also found a really pretty park we plan on going to next weekend. So back to Target we go... get the things we needed because of course I remembered more things that we needed! We got home and found the box with the Wii remote had NO REMOTE!! AAAHHHHH!! Back to Target again. I exchanged it. And it didn't really seem like they believed me that the remote wasn't in the box! a new box. And now we can't sync it to the Wii! Oh well! Tonight is NOT the night.
I then watered my roses, treated my grape vine (these catapiller things are KILLING it!). CC and I raked the bare grass spots and put down new grass seeds. I am exhausted!
So far tonight... Simon told Lena her song belongs in a trash can ... CC was really, really bad and I was appalling! Nice!
Tomorrow I will post lots and lots of pics!

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