Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday in Pictures!'

Yesterday was quite crazy! I was able to go in to work late because we had a mandatory HIPAA meeting at 2 o'clock and since I'm part time I can only work my scheduled six hours. I usually go in at 7 so yesterday I was to go in at 8:45 a.m. Man was it nice to sleep 'til 6!! So Papa Bear and I went to a Mexican restaurant for breakfast. Mom kept all three kids the night before and it was just us. Papa Bear had been up aaallllllll night finishing two rings and hadn't slept and had a really bad sore throat. I could see how bad he felt so I called work and told them I would be a couple if hours late so I could take him to the doctor. It's a good thing I did... He tested positive for strep!!! After the doctor I dropped him off at home and went to work. After work I picked the kids up from Mom and went to pick up CC's medicine from CVS. While we were waiting Tren asked me if I remembered taking him to this donut place. No, not really, I didn't. He insisted I remembered and then CC said Krispy Kreme!! Exactly!!! So I asked Tren if he wanted some KK and a HUGE smile broke out on his pretty face. I pulled out of that pick-up line and the kids were LOVING it!! They gave us each a free hot donut while we decided what we wanted

He saw me taking a picture with my phone and tried to outrun me!!

But I got one anyway!!! I told him this is life with me, you gotta get used to having your picture taken......constantly!

Lena and Tren ordering donuts.
In the car on the way home he found a way to not get his picture taken....

Lena didn't mind having her picture taken.

And for once neither did CC! (maybe because she took this one herself!)

We ended up getting pizza for the kids. I was too tired to cook and Papa Bear was sick. But CC told me my pizza is soooooo much better than bought pizza. It was music to my ears! Tren was itching to spend some if his own money, so he ordered himself chicken wings.

And I snuck in another picture! Ha!! After we ate and the kids played we tried to wind things down and call it a night. The kids had another idea! They put on their skates and skated all over the house.

Tren skated Emil some water.

Finally around 10:30 CC put in their scary movie and everything settled down.
I was adding my total hours worked this week with my bank job and helping Papa Bear came to 45.5. I truly expected it to be alot more. This coming week it's guaranteed to be more!
Tonight we are finally grilling the steaks and taking the kids to miniature golf!

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