Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gifts & Leap Frog

When my MIL came to visit she brought us a few gifts. The girls each received a purse and the cutest black velvet ponytail holders that have beautiful crystal brooches attached to then. Of course I dont have a pic of that...but I will get some. Papa Bear received a really nice cologne set. And I got these...

I love them! And they fit perfectly!!!

They have the cutest details!!

I cant wait to wear them!!!
She also gave me a really nice coffee/tea set.

I can't exactly say it's my style....but it's nice and it is the thought that counts!!

Honestly it just reminds me of the china that Robin Williams had in Birdcage when his son's girlfriends parent came to visit.

Remember the mother thought the men depicted were "playing leap frog?"

There is no "leap frogging" going on the scenes of this set. It just reminds me of that!!

But it is a cute set. Sorry for the crummy pictures... I took them quickly with my phone. I'm waaaay too tired to get the camera, download the pics on the laptop and then fight with blogger to upload them! But better pics are soon to come!
Today was a long, hard day. I'm exhausted! I was falling asleep all day at work!!! I think I need a different job! One that doesn't require me to wake up at 4:30 in the morning!! For lunch, April, Melissa and I went to the Thai restaurant. It was delicious. April and I split the Pad Fried Rice and the Eggplant with tofu.

Beyond words good!!

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