Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Park, Party and Tren!!

Last Saturday the girls and I, along with Luigi, went to a new park we found down the road from us. It's probably not really new, but it was new to us. So, we got some snacks and bottles of water and drove down. It was really nice, spacious, clean and pretty. However it was just too HOT!!! The heat index was 97 and this was only at noon!
There were lots of wild flowers....

Luigi loved being outside. I couldn't even get his attention to take one picture! CC was trying to make him look at me but something else was grabbing his attention....
We saw this tree along one of the paths. I just had to go back and take a picture because I thought it was so neat looking!

We walked around for a bit then went back to our table. We were so hot and thirsty! Even Luigi had his own bottle of water!!
And his own bag of puffy cheetos... CC was giving him the option of the big cheeto or the little cheeto.... he choose the big one!
My Lena enjoyed be outside at the park too. It's just so hot so early here that we don't get to enjoy much outdoor fun during the day. It cools off at night but then mosquitos come and it's just easier (and cooler) to stay inside!

After the park we went home and rested up for Stas' party later that evening. The girls and I were so very tired and I was slightly burned from our whole hour at the park. I really think we had a mild case of heat exhaustion because my whole body just ached and I was tired than I can remember being in a very long time!
Anyway, it was Stas' birthday party and we could not miss that. There are very few photos because I was so tired I forgot to take any! But here are the few I did take...
The table... all of the food was delicious!!
Sergey and Vladimir....funny, funny guys!
Lisa and Lena cutting and serving the cake! (Stas in the background w/Olga)
Lisa's homemade cake... from what I remember it was a Mississippi Mudslide with espresso cream filling....all from scratch! UN-BEE-LEAVE-ABLE!!! It was sooooo very, very good!
And that was the best cup of coffee that I've had in a long time. Lisa, you really out did youself! Everything was so wonderful!!!
Monday my nephew came to visit us for a few days. Lena woke up Monday morning at 5 a.m. telling me she couldn't sleep because she was so excited for him to be coming. She cleaned her room, washed dishes, cleaned the litter and the laundry room. I think he needs to come more often!!! I didn't get alot of pictures yet. I did take one with my camera of all three of them sleeping on CC's bed Tuesday morning but I haven't downloaded it to my computer yet. I took this one yesterday. The girls put this hot pink extension in Tren's hair and he was trying to walk in CC's wedges!!
Tonight they are with Mom. She took them to see the Karate Kid movie and then out for pizza. Emil and I are getting a much needed break. The house is quiet and I don't have to be in to work until 8:45 tomorrow so I am actually getting to post to this blog and sleep late! My goodness.... I feel like I'm on vacation!
Oh, I'm adding up the hours I work at the bank in addition to the time I put in helping Emil with his business. I am always so tired but I can't justify to myself why I'm tired. I only work 32 hours a week at the bank. But now I'm starting to see... Combined both jobs, Monday I worked 11.5 hours, yesterday I did 9 and today I did 9. It's starting to make sense to me. I'm intrested to see what my weekly total will be.
Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to miniture golf and ice cream. I'm not too sure about Friday, Tren is supposed to go home but I don't really want him to and I know Lena surely doesn't want him to. Hopefully he can stay longer.


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