Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sushi Night...lots and lots of pics!

Saturday night we went to Lisa's house to watch the Klitschko fight and show her and Stas how to make sushi. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to certain people being there. I sure you can guess who. But anyway, I tried to put her.. I mean... those negative feelings away and focus on a good evening with good friends (minus one) and the evening turned out to be really, really nice!
There are a ton of pics, so be patient!
The pictures loaded from the last to the first so you can scroll to the bottom and work your way up if you like.
Jenny and Lena on the trampoline. This was the last pic of the night.

Me and Emil. In our 14 years together, this is our 3rd picture of us together. Seriously!

Gina (-), Lisa, me and Jenny

The girls Nella, me, Jenny on my lap, Lisa behind me and Gina behind Lisa

The man of the night... Vitaly Klitschko

Lamb and pork shishkabobs and our sushi.
We had every kind of sushi... shrimp, crab, avacado, spicy crab... it was delcious!

Ruben and Emil. Ruben backed into my car with his 18wheeler.. seriously. When he told me I thought he was kidding. Nope!

The boys, Ruben (red shirt), Stas (white shirt blue writing), Nic (red hat) and my papa bear Emil

Lisa, Gina and me...

picture of one plate of sushi

Lisa and me... 10 years of good friendship!

Emil and Lisa's husband Stas preparing the shishkabobs..
Can you smell it? Ummmm!!

Nic... Gina's (-) husband

Lisa and Stas

making the roll!

the sushi roll...one of many

Igor and Emil making sushi

Georgina and Emil

So all in all it was a wonderful evening. Klitschko won and made his opponent, Areola, cry. I love getting together with friends and relaxing and talking and laughing. Sometimes work can make us so crazy and preoccupied with other things we put ourselves on the back burner. Unwinding with good friends is just the prescription I needed!
Now, with that said....what is your favorite sushi?


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