Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Plants

This morning Sierra and up I woke up early and went to Lisa's neighborhood garage sale. I was looking for a sofa table to refurbish but didn't find anything. What I did find was a sweet old lady selling BEAUTIFUL plants!

But first... my hibiscus. I don't know what to do anymore. I think it might have root rot from all the rain we had last week. I am so sad. We had a great relationship all summer... then this! I took out some of the wet soil and added in MiracleGro soil. I hope this helps. If not I am at a loss. I just hope my neighbors didn't pour something in her while I was at work.

hopefully this will save her!

I just wanted to add a picture of the beautiful rose bush from CC. This is still the bloom I was so excited about. There is one more small bloom coming in.

The lily I bought at the yard sale. It's as high as my waist and it only cost $5!!

One of the asparagus ferns I bought. I kept this one and gave the other to my mom. These were only $3 each.

It just so happened that when I came back a second time to buy the ferns a landscaper was there. She told me that these ferns are pretty hard to kill. Nice! My kind of plant. The hibiscus kind of has my faith in gardening shaken. Let's see what will happen.
I love seeing all this greenery around my front door when I come in and out.
So, so far Saturday has been very relaxing for me. I got lots of cleaning done and great deals at the Homestead Handcrafts sidewalk sale. I'll post pics of that in a bit.
How has your Saturday been?


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