Friday, September 18, 2009

Russian Fish Salad (Shuba)

I am adding this to Kellys Korner Dinner Recipes. I have all ready posted my Lemon Catfish with Avacado Salad and my Crockpot Stew, but I thought this was just too good to not post as well. It's in NO WAY your typical salad. It makes for a beautiful presentation and is guaranteed to be a favorite at your meal or get together.

The selotka is in the rectangle dish with white and purple topping. You'll see what that "topping" is in a moment. I'm sorry I don't have a better picture.

This salad is called selotka s shuba... translated selotka with a furcoat. Selotka is a smoked and salted herring fish. You can find it at any Middle Eastern or European deli or markets. This salad is made up of many layers and sounds wierd but it is sooooo delicious. I was afraid to try it at first because it's a salad with FISH, and it's PURPLE and I NEVER had anything like that when I was young. But when I finally gave in and tried it... OH MAN!! It's a favorite of ours. The girls like to make it with us and we can sit down at the table preparing it and spend family time together.

You will need to boil abt 5 potatoes, 1/2 pound of fresh carrots, 6 eggs
You can boil fresh beets, we usually just buy a few cans of beets.

You will layer the following...
shredded potatoes (abt 5)
selotka torn off the bones and torn into tiny pieces
1 white onion chopped in small pieces (optional)
carrots peeled and shredded
eggs shredded
beets shredded

It's a very festive looking cake and appropriate for any occassion. You just layer each ingredient over the other. If you place it on a plate and layer in circles it looks like a cake by the time you get the mayonaise on. The mayo and the beets make such a beautiful "topping."

If you try this I would love to know how it turned out for you and the reactions you get. Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to reading all of your recipes!


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