Monday, September 14, 2009

I Have a Bloom

I am super excited! Remember I told you CC saved up and bought me a beautiful rosebush, it made a couple of pretty blooms and then nothing! I was confused.. sad... I watered her and talked to her and occassionally I would see some new leaves. They were pretty and dark and glossy and had dark red tones in it. Then the rain came. Lots of rain! I let my babies have some fresh rain water and it looks like my rosebush told me "Thank you."

When I walked out of the house Sunday afternoon and saw the bloom I was jumping up and down! Isn't it pretty?

Meanwhile, this afternoon while I was cooking, I caught Lena doing this to Charlie!

I am still going to post my before and after pics of my hair. I really haven't had time to get the after pic yet.

Oh.... Jay Leno is on right now. I am so excited I can actually watch his show now! When it came on at 10 I just couldn't stay up that late!
The Big Bang Theory new series comes on next week!! YAY!!! Go Penny and Leonard!!!
Tomorrow... More to Love.... down to the final two. I was hoping Malissa would go home. She didn't. She's in it to win it... not for love. I hope Tali wins!!
Do you watch any of these shows?


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