Friday, September 25, 2009


Making : the girls listen to 80's music
Cooking : fresh vegetable omelets in the muffin pan
Drinking : coffee with caramel vanilla brownie creamer
Eating: cottage cheese fruit salad
Reading: Laura Bush an Intimate Portrait and An Open Door
Wanting: a family vacation
Looking: at my beautiful girls
Playing: poker with CC and Lena
Wasting: time by getting on facebook
Buying: a sofa table and curio cabnet
Sewing: window treatments
Wishing: I could be a stay at home mom again
Listening: to my kids singing
Waiting: to see if my hibiscus will survive
Liking: the nice cool weather the past few days
Wondering: what to make for dinner tomorrow
Loving: being a wife, mother, daughter and sister
Hoping: that I can start nursing school next year
Marvelling: at how your daughter goes to bed a girl and wakes up a young lady
Needing: time and rest
Smelling: cigars and coffee
Wearing: capris and a comfy shirt
Praying: for the ability to see what God has laid out for me
Noticing: I am starting to care less what people think of me and doing what I want
Knowing: my girls become what I teach and show them
Thinking: I need to clean my bathroom
Opening: my heart to those in need
Giggling: these girls dancing and singing
Feeling: content

**what are you ing's?


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