Friday, September 4, 2009

The Vegan Way...

Sierra has decided she wants to be a complete vegetarian. Good right? Ummm.... not really. It's so difficult to plan meals, I don't know what she can eat. Wait, yes I do. Nothing!!! Nothing with eggs, dairy products, no meat, chicken, fish.... nothing except vegetables and tofu and fruits. It gets really frustrating! So I gave in. I have been buying nothing but healthy foods, fruits and veggies and veggie burgers, soy chicken (yes that really exists) and tofu steaks. I have been forced to eat heathly. I know it's a good thing because I will have to make major changes for my lap band but , man, this gets difficult at times.
At work today I was sitting at my desk and thinking, "I can't wait to get home and cook..... cook what? Oh man! There is no meat there to cook! There is no chicken, no fish, no sandwich meat!! What am I going to cook?" It was scary. I LOVE to cook and the thought of not having the ingredients I am used to cooking with was hard! So I decided to buy the healthy things I need to cook for the family. So that we as a family can eat and try to live more healthily. (Is that a word and if so, is that how you spell it?)
What did I make? Oh man was it good!! And the best part about it, I ate two servings and don't feel full and sluggish. I feel satisfied and comfortable! I made this salad that CC found on the computer. Don't know what it's called.

2 avacado diced
2 tomatoes diced
1/2 cilantro chopped fine
1/2 red onion diced
1/2 lb small shrimp halved
fresh lemon juice
salt to taste

I served us this salad on a romaine lettuce leave and it was super delicious!! I will probably have to make more tomorrow because there is hardly any left. CC put her some in a bowl before I added the shrimp. Orginally it does not include shrimp but I thought it would be so good to add some and it sure was. I will try to post a pic!
I also bought sugar plums today. Have you ever tried them? I haven't. I don't know how to say this without being silly, but I didn't know they were even real. I thought it was just part of the song and a scent of candles!
Ok. I have something bad to admit! I have been putting off cleaning my bathroom for quite a while now. I do the tidy-ing that I need to do. Sweeping, washing clothes, cleaning the tub and counters. BUT.... the toilet itself. UGH! So I have been planning to really get in there and give it a good scrub. Imagine my surprise when I was reading out of my church book last night, Secret to Real Family Happiness, and one paragraph was about..... keeping the bathroom clean!!!! AHHHH!!! Does God know how to talk to you or what? While I was grocery shopping I bought a little extra toilet stuff to motivate me. I will be going in there shortly!
Ok. That's about it for now. Emil was sick again. He never really got better. So our family doc is not testing him for H-Pylori. We were supposed to get the results back yesterday but as of today we still haven't heard anything. After ALL the tests they did on him so far, nothing has shown up. I hope this is all there is and he can do his two weeks of antibiotics and get well.
These blogs always end up being toooooo long.


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