Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wacky Wednesday....

This has been a looong day and it's not over yet!

First things first.... Tali won last night on More to Love!!! Finally an outcome with I agree with.
Usually my choice is knocked out.. looked over... voted off... you get the idea! But Tali won Luke!!! Very happy! The proposal was beautiful!

My rose bud that I was so excited about here has begun to bloom! I am even more excited now.

I have been working on the settings on my camera and forgot where to adjust things...again... so it looks very red on here but it's truly a deep, dark red. I guess my flash is just that good!

Sierra has decided to clean her room. ONLY because Emil said when he gets home from work he's going in with trash bags! She jumped up and began cleaning it herself! This is what it looks like now. How could I not picture this? Isn't this every mothers dream for her daughters room? Let's hope there will be a good... no GREAT after picture!

Yes, that is tags on those clothes in the trash bag. A lot of her stuff has never been worn. Don't worry... I'm not throwing it away. I am giving it to a co-worker to donate to her church. There are alot of needy people there. I usually go through Lena's closet two or three times a year and give her the clothes that don't fit anymore. More on that later.

This is just a quick shot of Lena doing her homeschooling. I took a pic of CC too but my camera is being not nice and it came up as an error. Oh well.... next time.

Oh.... the Monogram Chick is doing another giveway in honor of her birthday. This one is for the monogrammed travel mug again. I entered last time but didn't win. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for better luck this time.


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