Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lazy Weekend

I havent posted much lately because not much has really happened. Which can be a good thing! We have gotten rain... and lots of it. I really wished I would have gotten a good picture of that but I didn't want to get the camera wet. Emil and CC said they checked the rain gauge in the back yard and it read 4.5 inches! NICE!!

These are a few pics taken over the weekend. I just uploaded them fast and they are in backwards order. If that made sense?!?!

CC gave Luigi a new toy. He has really enjoyed being inside these rainy days. So I love the way Charlie is looking at Luigi play with his horsey.

He forgoes the soccer ball and chooses his horsey.

I mentioned before how Luigi hogs the bed. Here is with CC... and Charlie!

Friday afternoon was pouring rain and just gray outside. The house was sooo quiet so I finished my DVR shows and saw this.....
The Papa sleeping..

CC knocked out on her bed.

Lena on the couch beside Emil.

Rainy afternoons can be soooo nice!
Here is CC and Luigi Friday morning. How could I NOT take this pic?

Lena has just discovered pillow fighting. I love this pic.. she is mid scream from getting hit. NOTE: These are old pillows, that have been washed, but are not being used by anyone! I'm not really sure why I kept them but they sure are good for this!
I love this pic!

Over all I had a great weekend. I colored my hair yesterday. Look for a before and after pic. I took time to figure out new settings on my camera. All of these pics just look....blah.. but I played with it and I think I have improved the quality of the picture.
OH..... Sierra ate MEAT!! WHOOHOO! I am going to make her eat meat once a week.
Saturday night I met Lisa at Taco Cabana for margaritas.. well.. one margarita. We had such a good time talking I didn't realize it was almost midnight. I haven't stayed out that late in YEARS!!! Not alone without Emil at least. I did have Lena with me..if that counts?!?!
I can definatley feel fall in the air. There is a chill that sets in late in the evenings. I love this time of year. The colors, smells, the Pumpkin coffee at Starbucks. What is your favorite time of year? And how was your weekend?


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