Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun Start to My Three Day Weekend... (lots of pics)

My three-day weekend started off crazy! My girls make sure to never leave me with a dull moment! I just had to post these pics of them last night. Remember... this was at 1:30 in the morning!!

Fun with markers...
This is what CC did to Lena.

Got caught eating her cereal with her soy milk.

More of Sierra's beautiful artwork on Lena.

CC's turn.....

Lena's artwork on CC. The brown spot on her forearm is supposed to be a mole.

And.... this is what they do with MY bras!!!!

Since CC started eating a healthier diet and since the girls are homeschooled I have been wanting to take them to the local farmers market. This is one of the bigger ones we have here in. It's in the old Pearl Brewery located on the Riverwalk. I woke up early...because Charlie woke me up at 7:30! I HATE waking up so early on weekends. I rarely get to sleep in and when I do I REALLY, REALLY appreciate it. Anyway.... I called Mom around 8:30 and told her I was loading the girls up and let's go. Sometimes things are best when unplanned. All the produce is grown and raised within a 150 mile radius from us.


Mom bought this beautiful plant for only $10!!!
The weather was perfect.... a little windy.... excellent for people watching! And watch we did!!
Mom and Lena

Me and Lena

A couple of years ago I purchased a chocolate mint plant at an herb fair at Aggie Park. I placed it on the window sill in my laundry room and it blossomed and grew like crazy! Then all of a sudden it died! It was so nice in hot teas and salads. So I have been on the lookout for more. Mom was starting me one but this heat this summer killed alot of her mint plants! Sooooo..... I found this from a grower at the market for a whole $4!!! I was so excited! It was the last one left and snapped it up!

This live band was playing latin jazz. It was so nice!

Our people watching crowd!

Me and the girls...

Lena with her bouquet of flowers....

An old church behind the brewery. That's construction being added to the brewery for an art studio. I love the juxstaposition of the old, historic church and the new construction.

Me and Sierra on the second level of the brewery. The construction is behind us.

Mom and Lena downstairs.
When we got home CC gave Luigi a bath and then we went to look at more model homes. When we came home Emil was making sushi. I ate waaaaayyy to much. I always want to get a pic of our sushi but it goes to fast! I took a quick nap and then met Lisa at Starbucks. Lisa was treating... paid with a hundred dollar bill. They had no change to give her so the manager said the drinks we on her!!! Imagine that!!! We all (5) got drinks free! Of course I left them a nice tip. I chose the pumpkin spice frapp.... my goodness... it's nice to have those fall drinks back! Could it be? Could our summer actually be over? I am well aware that Labor Day marks the end of summer but here in! I have pictures of us in December....IN SHORTS!!!! How do you like that?


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