Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ok... I have an excuse. July 19 my husbands former business partner and really good friend got himself into some really hot, and I'm talking boiling, water with his "wife." And yes, the quotations are very necessary because anyone who knows her knows that a wife she is not..... no cooking, no cleaning, no working (at home domestically or outside), no interaction with the kids, going out alone at least three times a week leaving the hubby and kids at home, monthly shopping sprees that equate to someone working a very well paying full time job. She is absolutely worthless... but she's his wife, so I'll stop there. And yes, the dummies are back together. Anyway... she did some very very very bad things to him and he ended up staying with us for two weeks. Now, he was absolutely no bother at all. He cleaned up after himself, poor thing, he's used to cooking and cleaning for himself, and came in and out quietly and provided us with some good conversation. The first few days, well I should say the first week, was pretty hard for him. He could not eat, if he tried he threw up. Eventually she dropped most of what she did and he moved back in. However, he lost so much weight they had to go shopping for new clothes for him, and of course her also. So I guess she was happy for a day or two after that. Anyway.... I was so preoccupied with having him here and all their stupid drama, for lack of a better word. It was constantly back and forth like a yo-yo. I will drop it we will get back together. I will only drop part but we are over. I dropped everything and move back home. I signed something but not sure what and maybe I will move in with my mom. Ok.. for me this is stressful. Either you love someone and what to be with them or you don't. That's it. Good Lord!!! But he's back home with her, a big accomplishment?!?!???? I guess???? Who knows and right now.. who cares? If they knew they would "work things out" why drag my whole household into this. Oh well, we were friends, we helped him out, loved and cared for him while he was here, gave him good homecooked meals everyday and hopefully advice that he can ponder over and try to make a smart decision.
Now, what else..... Fourth of July was nice. We went to Lisa's house and ate fajitas, guacamole, sourcreme, rice, beans, flour tortillas and cheese. We drank something called Azul, obviously it was blue and very very good. I didn't expect for it to be good because, first, I don't drink and secondly, it looked similar to a wine cooler and I cannot finish one wine cooler with out feeling sick.....probably because I don't drink. I will post a pic of the Azul.
(I did it.. but I think it's more work than ti should be)

I did get that. But it was good. Nice taste and not too strong. Good for rookies like me. After dinner we went to Sonterra to watch a good 30 mins of fireworks. It was absolutely beautiful and I even got some good shots on my cell phone and made a nice screensaver for myself. However, wouldn't you know, just my luck, my camera battery died and I have a few shots on that one. If they are good enough I will post them here. But really, if you've seen fireworks once, you've seen 'em all.
Work is work... it still irks me. I am getting to the point that I really hate it. I am praying constantly for help to not let it drag me down and make me depressed. And it's definately working. I believe that if you trust in God to hear your prayers, give him your problems whole-heartedly and truly allow him to solve them he will. You just need to be ready for what he gives you, even if it's not what you wanted. In the end it ALWAYS works out for the best.
I can't believe I have been blogging this long. I guess I needed to do this when the former business partner was here. Whew.... what a release! But then again, the hubby, both girls, the cat and the dog are asleep and the house is completely still and quiet! How often does that happen?


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