Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last year I went to a weight loss seminar and the all day evaluation with the nutrionist, mental therapist, dietician, surgeon.. and everyone else under the moon. All I had to provide for the lap band surgery was a five year weight history and my ins would have paid the rest. I chickened out, like I had in 2007, and never went back. Now, another year later and another 15 pounds heavier I am going at it again. This time I think, I am pretty sure, I almost know I am going to go through with it. Mostly because I want to incorporate a healthier life style for my children and force them to develop healthier eating habits. I will post some before pictures... trust me.... there's a reason there aren't too many of me. Hopefully soon I will be able to post some "after" pics as well.

The girls are spending the night with my mom. This is the first night Emil and I have had alone in probably more than a year. What am I doing on the computer you might ask???? Well, I promised I would try to be more active on my blog....and Emil is on his "throne." So there you have it. And we have a friend coming over in about fifteen minutes.

I am going to post more pics here. The only reason I havent done more is because its so confusing. I cant figure it out and then I get frustrated!!!

Ok.. I think I want my Cinnabon (way to prepare for the Lap Band!) that Lisa brought back for me from her trip and make me some decaf coffee. Tomorrow will be a looooong day at work.


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