Monday, October 19, 2009

The Tooth, The Whole Tooth & Nothing But The Tooth

Today I was driving with Lena just talking about nothing really.... songs, Superstar, Stardolls.....just things. Then out of the blue she asks me, "Mom, when you get your... ummm.. do you.... you know.... when they come..... ummm... the wisdom teeth.... do they make you.... ummm... ok.. when you have your wisdom teeth.... do they make you know... tell the truth?" How very sweet/cute/innocent is this? And how long had she been thinking about this. So, of course I told her the truth... I had mine taken out when I was 17 and they never had a chance to grow all the way in, so I don't know if they make you tell the truth.
I has asked her earlier if she had brushed her teeth. I left to go to work at 5 AM so I wasn't there to see if she did or not. She told me yes.. then after the wisdom teeth conversation she told me she really didn't brush her teeth. I couldn't pass up the opportunity.... I told her I guess her wisdom teeth are already starting to grow.
Soooo.... with her childhood innocence point and center I thought I'd post some of my favorite photos of my almost nine year old baby!

She loves trying to play the guitar. She even bought a beginners instruction book and tried to teach herself. Bless her heart!
My little baby loves to cook. This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures of her. Will she always love to cook? Will she take what I have taught her and cook for her family? Will she remember these times we've spent together in the kitchen? And if so, what has been her favorite memory?
On my bed while I was trying to make it. It never fails, everytime I make up my bed she jumps on it and tries to hide in the covers like our cat Charlie does.
In the kitchen again. Is she really looking at the batter or is she bored?Goodness I hope she wasn't bored. I don't want any time that we spend together to make her bored!
With her sister who she often times calls "My CC." They fight like cats and dogs but love each other even stronger! And I am thankful for that!!
I was photographing this pair of lamps I bought at a yard sale to post on my blog and she popped in the picture. She is always saying and doing silly things like this! I love her crazy randomness. I hope she always stays optimistic and happy and conjovial!
These are my favorite pictures of her. Sleeping like a little angel. My little angel. She's wearing my t-shirt. She always wears my t-shirts after her showers. Sometimes when I can't find them I look in her drawers and sure enough there they are. Of course she is accompanied here with her mimi (blanket) and her Purple Luck (bear.)
She asked me take this photo of her. She was playing in her room. She was supposed to be cleaning it but as she says, she needed a rest, which of course was making a fort with her curtains and pillows and ultimately making a bigger mess than it was originally.
I hope she always finds joy in simple things. I hope she always smiles and stays positive.
I love my little baby so very much. She has the sweetest arms and hands and heart. She has no shortage of hugs and kisses. I hope that never goes away.
And I hope that CC lets me make a compilation of pictures for her too.


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