Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Russian Tea Cozies

I have collected my Russian cozies for quite some time now. I have more but I have them delivered to my mothers house, so the hubby won't get them when he checks the mail and she has become so attached to them so kept them. She calls them her kitchen mamas. I buy them on ebay. You can find good deals but some of them can go for over $100. These cozies are quilted on the bottom and are placed over the teapot to keep the water hot. I don't recall ever using them.. no once my mother-in-law did at a party here. But I love them. I placed them around a miniture samovar that I also purchased on ebay. I hope one day to have a real samovar for my house.

Two of my cozies. I have them grouped aroung the samovar just as real babushka would do.... drinking tea and gossiping.

The oldest one. She is about 12 inches tall and has a cloth face.

I love her turquoise earring. Lots of Russian women love, love, love to wear turquoise. (My husbnd is I see them at the parties and dinners.)

This is the back of her. You can't really see it but in that little opening it's a purple floral scarf that matches the purple on her sleeves and a poof of blond hair.

Her quilting.

The middle one. She has a plastic face and she is about 10.5 inches tall.

I love her ear muffs. They are just too cute.

Her backside.

Her quilting.

The youngest one. She is about 8 inches tall. She too has a plastic face.

Her backside. See her little braid hanging down?

Her quilting.

I think these two have almost the same plastic face.
I also collect many, many other Russian collectibles. Hopefully I can show you more. These items are made of wood and are in the style of khokhloma. The colors are typically red, black and gold. They feature flowers, leaves and berries. The swans used to be used to hold sousp and you would just sip the soup from the side. The black teapot is actually a very vintage viewfinder of Moscow. I think it's over 80 years old. You turn the very top portion of the "teapot" and a very old, blurry photo of Moscow appears. All of these items, besides the black tea tin were puchased on ebay. The black tea tin was purchased at Homestead Handcrafts.

Thank you for stopping by my blog to see my show and tell. I hope you enjoyed it. I can't wait to look at all of your wonderful treasures! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Oh what a wonderful collection you have here. I love them. Thanks for sharing.

Hootin' Anni

Y'know, I've seen these, and heard of them oftentimes, but never bought any. Now, of course, seeing your beautiful pieces...I want one.

My Show n Tell is another craft project I just finished this week. You can find it here at this link

Have a glorious weekend.

Red's Nest

Very cute and meaningful to your husbands heritage. I don't think I've ever seen one. Have a great day.


They are very pretty. Don't think I have seen any like those - thanks for sharing.


I think your dolls are wonderful! Very unique. Stop by for a visit soon!


What a very unique collection....I don't think I have ever seen those before! I'm with you....I hide my goodies at my bffs till Hubby is gone on a trip then I just blend them in with my decor and he never notices!!

Blue Creek Home

These are whimically delightful. I have never seen them before. Your collection is great.

wow how interesting, I've never come across these before, great collection

I enjoyed this, thanks, enjoy show and tell!


Susan B

I've never seen tea cozies like this before. They are very pretty, and unique. Thank you for sharing them.


I've never seen anything like this! How cute they are!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home

What a great collection and I learned something new today! Thanks for joining in on show and tell!


Very pretty and unusual. I have never seen any of these before. I love how you have them grouped around the miniature samovar.

Thanks for sharing... and for stopping by my kitchen table too. Please stop in and visit anytime!

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