Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Growing Up and Blowing Up

Last night Lena showed me another loose tooth. She wiggled and wiggled it and eventually pulled it out herself later in the evening. This isn't new, both girls pull their teeth out on their own. Anyway, after Lena pulled her tooth out she comes into the kitchen and asks me, "Mom, if fairies are not real, who takes my tooth and leaves me money? What about the tooth fairy if fairies are not real?" Now, I am ready for most questions. My girls have always known there is no Santa and Lena even made one kid cry when she was telling her there is no Santa, it's your parents. I had to explain to her that to alot of kids Santa is very real. But the tooth fairy?!?! I took the easy route and told her to go ask Sierra. CC told her that your parents are the tooth fairy and I (Mom) was the one who put glitter on the bed and the window sill to make it look like the tooth fairy came. AAHHHHH!!! Are you kidding me? Lena kept asking me if that's true? She said she is confused about the whole thing. I still haven't answered her. I feel bad, I do. I hate lying to her but I also don't want her to grow up this fast and not believe in the tooth fairy. What do I do?
Now... AT&T.... for two months when you call my number you get a busy signal. So I called the technical support today and it took five transfers and over three hours. Final result....... You can call me but I can't call you. Oh yes, I have a dial tone but cannot connect the calls! And wait... it gets even better.... my moden stopped picking up wireless signals! Oh yes, I can take no TV, no phone but DO NOT take away my internet! Seriously! Ok... finally.... six and a half hours later...uncountable phone calls back and forth and one visit from a technician we are up and running! Thank goodness!
Now I have to grade the girls homework. My day never ends!!


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