Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dog in Need

Luigi is a good dog, strong, protective, caring, loving and overall a big baby!
He was a breeder dog, both parents are show dogs and he's never been fixed.
Imagine my suprise when a black girl dog somehow got into our backyard and my sweet little Luigi was struck by Cupid's Arrow! He was begging us for food for her....he never shares his food with anyone! EVER!!!
They played together, sniffed each other, she would even nibble his neck (I swear I am not making this up) and he would gently put his paw on her back. They chased each other, chased birds, barked at our neighbor together. (He's usually a very quiet dog but he followed her cue and started barking too.) THEN....... oh yes, then..... Sierra walked in the kitchen, looked out the window and saw......oh yeah...... the Mountain Dew, as we call it in our house. My Luigi was now a stud-muffin! I didn't like it very much. He started going crazy for her.!

We found where she was coming in from and Emil fixed it the other day, so she hasn't been back. Luigi is heart broken. He hasn't eaten much. He cries constantly. And I mean constantly.... morning, noon and night. Luigi will do ANYTHING to come inside. Last night he CRIED to go outside in the pouring rain to go sniff the fence where she was on the other side. Then he ran back and forth, up and down the fence crying for her. My dog has turned into a love sap! Imagine that!!!


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