Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's the Weekend!!!

This week has been another hectic one. And once again, I am glad to have the weekend here, if for no other reason than to clean!
Monday night Mom got really sick. She called me a little after 10 and told me she couldn't stop throwing up and she felt like she was going to pass out. She kept telling me she didn't want us to come, just talk to her on the phone. About 10:45 p.m. she said we better come. So here I am in my pj's getting Emil, who had just taken his Tyelnol PM out of bed and to the car to Mom. When we got there it didn't look good. She was out of it, vomitting, weak. I called 911 a bit after 11 and do you know when they got there Mom STILL didn't want to go?!?! They finally got her on the stretcher and close to midnight she was at the new hospital close to my house. I took Emil home and stayed with her til 3a.m. There was really no point to stay longer because again she was in and out and not really able to focus or carry on a conversation. AND... I had gone in to work at 6 Monday morning so with getting up at 4:30 a.m. I was close to being up for 24 hours straight. God drove me home because I was so super tired!
Mom was diagnosed with pancreatitis. (sp?) She came home Tuesday night. The hospital switched her primary care doctor and I am so thankful they did. The one she had did nothing for her. He told her he could only see her 15 mins a visit and only for one symptom. If she had mutliple concerns she would need to make appointments for each one!
My back got better but then my knee got bad. I think all the cold weather has been aggravating my arthritis. Gosh, I sound old don't I? HA! This at 31.... what will I be blogging in 10 years? I wore a brace on my knee yesterday. It's fine this morning, just a bit stiff.
And today is Halloween. I plan to do NOTHING today except fold clothes, wash clothes, get Lena to clean her room.. FINALLY!! I also plan to stay in my comfortable pj's, drinking coffee and watching scary movies all day. In fact, I had this planned so long that last night I went to Target and bought breakfast sausage and more bread so Papa Bear can make his French Toast and sausage patties! I am taking the day off! Well he just informed me I am doing the breakfast cooking this morning. Hmmmm...... whatever!
And I am taking the girls to go see Michael Jackson's movie "This Is It" today. Have you seen it?


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