Monday, October 5, 2009

Garage Sailing....

This weekend we had lots and lots of rain! It was perfect! Saturday morning the girls and I went to the community garage sale... hence the title "Garage Sailing"... a-sailing we were.
This was the rain on the back patio.

Oh, how nice it was!

It was a perfect rainy Saturday

My babies loved it. Some had to move to the back patio because I am 99% sure my neighbor is trying to kill them.

Some of our garage sale finds...
Lite Brite $3 (it's a bit different from the one I had as a child)
the girls LOVE it and have spent many, many hours on it already. Emil too...

I found this set of lamps for $3 each! They work perfect. They are in excellent condition. I drove by this particular house three or four times and felt like I needed to stop by but didn't want to get out because of the rain. My intuition got the best of me. I stopped and I found these. I plan to decorate up the shades, maybe even new shades. I would like to see how I can personalize these. Any ideas?

Right now they are on each side of the bed. For now. I want to buy a sofa table and eventually they will go there in the living room under this big painting in the living room.
This is the shade that needs some decorative help!

The base. It's nice and heavy.

They are in really good condition. I am so happy I bought them!

I also found a cute picture frame for a dollar. It's espresso colored distressed wood. I love it! That will be the first thing on my sofa table....whenever I find one!
Emil and Lena knocked out on the couch Saturday afternoon.

Saturday evening we went to Lisa's house again to make sushi. It was so good last weekend we had to do it again. Lisa called me Friday and asked me if I would mind coming over again because they really enjoyed it and want more. I had just come back from the doctor (severe sinus infection) and wasn't sure I would be up to it. But I was.. and it GOOOOD!
Stas and Emil making the sushi
Lena playing drums on the ottoman

The girls....Lena, Sierra and Jenny

Sushi roll in the making

Jenny's parents Arkadiy and Rita.

The uncut sushi rolls

Lisa made ponsiy
It's a Philipino dish. I love it and hadn't had it since I worked at a different bank a few years ago. Much of my department was Philipino.
The deserts...
I made Kellys Velvet Red Balls. They were great! More on that experiment later!
Rita brought Tiramisu... another wonderful treat!
Jewish Nut Logs.. they were super good and raspberry filled! EXCELLENT!
Sunday we went to the bookstore and I found some really good books on homeschooling with wonderful links. I can't wait to implement those into my teaching plan for the girls.
If you are stopping by my blog and have any ideas for that bare lamp shade comment away... I would greatly appreciate it.
How was your weekend?


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