Sunday, October 25, 2009

Girls Night In Karaoke Party

Remember I told you that I kinda went crazy giving the girls homework? I usually try to get it to where they do 3-4 hrs a day but Lena has been finishing it in under an hour. So, this past week I tried to give them more to keep them more focused on homework and not the computer. Well.... Lena had been falling behind on turning her homework in. When I got home from work Friday afternoon I told her she had to take a shower, do homework for one full hour and then clean her room. She took her shower and stormed off to her room. It was waaaaayyyyyy to quite so I opened her door and found this....

She was knocked out cold!

Today Mom called and asked me if I wanted to meet her at Barnes and Noble. I hadn't seen her in a few days, so I got Lena ready and we went. I also snuck in Bath and Body Works. They had their lip glosses buy 2 get 1 free. I bought Frozen Blackberry, Whipped Vanilla and Plucked Grape. For my b-day this year a co-worker gave me a gift card to BBW. I finally used it and after buying their new lotion, Twillight Woods, and my three glosses I only had to pay $6.44! Not bad!!
So after BBW, we walked over to B&N to meet Mom. I ordered us a venti Pumpkin Spice Frappicino. Oh was it wonderful!
Of course I had my camera with me. Since I started blogging more regularly I seem to carry it with me all the time. And I love Barnes and Noble... so why not take a photo or two in there?

Or three? Or the many, many more that just didn't make the cut. Of course we waited until other customers weren't around! LOL!
My back is STILL hurting me. I was supposed to go to the Going Away Karaoke Party at Lisa's house. I didn't really feel like going but decided just for an hour or so. The party was for Theresa who is leaving San Antonio and moving to California. She works with Lisa at the hotel. Theresa is so sweet and funny. It was wonderful getting to know her.
Here she is singing "All My Exes Live In Texas" with Lorena, another of their hotel co-workers.
This was our table of snacks. Everything was sooooo good. But it always is when we go to Lisa's house.
Jakob singing "Bad" and doing his tooooo funny Michael Jackson impersonation. And for the record, he loved MJ before the accident happened. I can't stand people who didn't like MJ and called him names and made fun of him before the accident but now that he's not here anymore they are his biggest fan!
Lisa and LaTricia. LaTricia is just the nicest, funniest person you will ever meet. She used to work with them at the Gunter Hotel too. And if any of you are familiar with that hotel and it's history, yes, even as recently as a week ago a guest had to move from her room because the ghosts were bothering her!
Lisa and I tried to get a good picture of us but Jakob slid into the picture and Jenny couldn't figure out how to press the shutter.
But after many, many, many tries she finally got it and we finally got it!
I was planning to go around 7 and leave about 9. But we had 6 bottles of wine and all those good snacks. I didn't leave until 2!!! However... if you look closely at the last picture of me and Lisa you can see she is still drinking... and me... I am having instant Starbucks VIA coffee. If you haven't tried it you need to. Oh Man! It is good!!!!
I am so loving this cooler weather. I am so happy to be wearing and shopping for heavier shirts and sweaters! I love ordering my pumpkin coffee and feeling the chill in the air! I love that soon I will be lighting my fireplace and watching the flames dance! I love making soup, especially the Russian Borscht!! That is truly the best!!!
What do you like best about fall? And how is your weekend going so far?



Thank you for stopping by to see my crystal shakers for Show & Tell Firday & for your sweet comment. I'm sorry I am late in responding but, I participated in a Fall Trade Day this weekend & was pooped. Now, I'm trying to catch up.

Looks like you guys had a blast. And the picture of your little one passed out is too cute. My parents used to live in San Antonio. Such a pretty city. Have a great week.


Just started checking out your blog (thanks for the comment on mine, by the way.) My husband is a HUGE MJ fan. He and part of our wedding party actually danced to it at our wedding two years ago. And he was pretty devastated to learn about his death. So I understand where you're coming from on the fairweather fans.

I love everything about fall, with the exception of my allergies and sinus infections :) The trees in my area are peaking this weekend and are absolutely beautiful!!


OMG!!! This one is one way too funny!! Love the pics, I had to save the pic of LaTricia and myself so I can email it to her! I MISS HER SO MUCH! OK, you so need to help me with my blog!

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