Thursday, October 22, 2009

Show Us Your LIfe - Fall Decorations

I love fall and I love decorating for it. However.... my husband doesn't see the point in I don't get to do too much. I had been wanting to redo my mantle for quite a while so I went to Michaels and came back with the following.
I will start off with the befores....
The mantle was just a hodge-podge mixture of Russian nesting dolls, Russian eggs and a porcelian Russian doll, drawings from my girls, gift cards (the only place I couldn't lose them) and even coins and batteries! LOL! Something needed to be done!

The "before" view from the right side.

The "before" view looking from the left side.
My mother in law bought me these candle holders. I love them!
I bought these hurricanes many years ago and knew I would use them eventually. I think they go very well here.
The right side. Do you see the hidden pumpkin?
The centerpiece was actually a little wreath. I pulled the natural leaves and stems through and then added a floral centerpiece through the middle.
The lace is actually a real shimmery brown. It matches perfect! And of course a pinecone! The finished product. Do you think it still needs something?
My floral fall arrangement.
The colors in my living room are mostly espresso, gold and creme. I wanted to add a punch of color...enter the maroon sunflower.
I love pinecones and I love hiding them in all my arrangements.

The friendly witch next to the tree. The one on the porch fell over.

Scarecrow family and a cute lighted pumpkin.

These decorations were taking while walking around our neighbor hood. It's been pouring rain here and I haven't been able to go outside and take a decent picture of our outdoor decor. This weekend is looking to be nice so hopefully I can get that posted soon.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Don't forget to stop by here and here to see more of everyones lovely decorations! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Great decor! Love the mantel!


I think the mantel arrangement is lovely! Great job!


Thank you for leaving such a sweet note.

I like your mantel arrangement....your decor is really nice. you did a great job.

Have a great weekend.


The decor is beautiful. I especially like the mantel. You did a wonderful job and I don't think it needs anything more at all!

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table... hope the cookies turned out well for your girls!

God bless,

Enchanted Rose Studio

Your mantel came out beautiful and your fall arrangement is fabulous! The scarecrows are too cute! Your did a wonderful job on your decor!

Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving me such wonderful comments!

Have a lovely weekend!



I love your mantel. Don't you just love all the Fall colors! Your candlesticks, garland and candle holders are beautiful. Thanks for coming by for a visit and commenting on my post.


great decorations---I love the candleholder


I think your mantle looks great just the way it is! That hurricane candle holder is beautiful!


I think you did a beautiful job decorating the mantel. I love those candlesticks too :)



Thanks for stopping by! I love your fall decor! It's always a favorite of mine. To answer your question about my sachet balls, there is a plug in the bottom so they can be refilled.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always nice to meet new folks.

Your mantel is beautiful. I enjoyed your blog....I'll be back!

Wanda (At Last...)


I love your decorations! I wish we had a mantle to decorate. Instead, everything gets thrown around the house :)


I like your lighted pumpkin outside! My sister lives in San Antonio too! We love to visit there.
I bought my blank chandelier shades at Hobby Lobby. They are the kind that are sticky. If you have the patience, you can print off a 40% coupon from their website and one by one go buy them - I can't remember how much they are a piece. I hope you'll leave me a comment with a link if you make some!

Little Mama

I love your mantle and fireplace arrangement ... it looks so pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments! :)

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