Saturday, October 10, 2009

Neighbors' Decor

Lena and I went for our evening walk. While walking we decided to see what our neighbors put out for their Halloween/Fall decorations. Sadly, there wasn't a whole lot. I guess I really can't complain... my house is one of the "nots." I'm just waiting for Emil to trim those horrible, ugly bushes we have in front of the house and trim the yard and flower bed (though at most times it looks like a weed bed.) With all the rain we've been getting lately it's just been so hard to keep a hold on it.
Once we do get it cleaned up, hopefully this weekend, I can't wait to break out my scarecrows and do a cute little project I found in one of my magazines with the girls. You make cute little owls of of pumpkins and sunflower seeds. I am desperately hoping to do this, this three day weekend. And my mantle too. I know you've heard me talk about this alot... I just haven't had time to sit down and do it.

I like this witch. This neighbor usually always has some cute decorations. There were more on the porch but the heavy winds knocked it down.

Alot of people are just doing scarecrows and pumpkins. I love the fall wreath. I am wanting to do one for my front door and my kitchen as well. Ha! We'll see if I can get that in this weekend or not. The way it's been looking, I'm thinking probably not.

This photo may seem a little blurry but the scarecrows are right by their front door and it's kind situated back off the street. I had to go up the next neighbors driveway and take a picture then crop the zoom. The things we do for our blogs! But it's a cute set-up anyway.

This neighbor went simple. A couple of plastic pumpkins and one real one. Simple but pretty.

This house is right on a corner and I think those saints always look kinda spooky. But now with the evil pumpkins, orange lights and police tape they fit right in!

Another house. This house always decorates cute for Halloween! These lighted twigs line their driveway. They always have this really spooky, ugly ghost that hangs from the other side of their drive way. I did take a photo of it but it came up with an error and I couldn't post it. But man, it's good. Look back for that this evening. I WILL put it on here!

By their hedge. If my hedge looked this nice I wouldn't hate it as much as I do. But mine is taller than me, more hard branches than anything and just plain ugly. I really, really hate it. I have been BEGGING Emil to take it out and let me plant rose bushes there. Six years later I've still been unsuccessful! Ok... sorry.... back to the neighborhood tour. More spooky lighted spooks!

I like this one. Same neighbor. Just a cute little arrangement. I would have loved to photograph the whole front yard but I didn't think it would be right to post a picture of the front of someone else's house without their permission on my blog.

We saw this cute little guy on the stretch home. I saw some dark move on the road. I bent down for a closer look and he hopped away. I grabbed my camera and got him just in time. He was super small. Maybe two inches at the most.

I love fall and love decorating for it. Guess you'd never know by the lack of decoration at my house! Ha! But with fingers crossed that will change this weekend. Hopefully, come Monday there will be a posting with lots of cute fall decorations for my house. Have you decorated yet? Is your neighborhood full of decorations or just a few here and there?



Everyone seems to be in the Holloween spirit--I'm behind on decorating, but that's ok, if I make it or not, the season will still be fun.

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