Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Mantle

The weather has finally been getting cooler. I love waking up in the mornings and feling the chill in the air. I love putting on some of my lighter cardigans to run to the store in th afternoon. I love the smell of cinnamon from the cinnamon brooms at the grocery stores. The same brooms that my husband refuses to let me buy. I love the colors and the smells of fall. I love this season.
I wish my husband would let me decorate the house for fall but he's not big on seasonal decorating. I have been looking up some mantles for fall and this is what I found. I think this weekend I am heading over to Michaels to find some beautiful decorations for my mantle.

This mantle is simple but elegant. I think instead of lamps I would put some tall candles on these antique carved wood candleholders I have.

I love the foliage and candles. The black clock ties the whole mantle together.

This is just beautiful! I love everything about this piece!

Even just adding some foliage and candles can transform the appearance of your mantle. Simple and elegant.

Again lamps.

This is very pretty and not overdone at all. I could see this in my house.

And here's one Halloween mantle. How cute is this? I would love, love, love to do my mantle like this! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

I plan on posting some before and after pics of my mantle. But I did draw some good ideas from these photos.
Do you decorate your mantle? If so, what holiday do you decorate it most for?



Lovely mantles!!I have 3 (2 faux fireplaces) and one hugely long mantle that keeps me constantly stumped!


Fifi Flowers

NICE variety of mantles... very festive too!


Hi April
Unfortunately I don't have a mantle but you have posted some great images here. I'm from Australia so we are currently in spring. We also don't 'do' Halloween as much as you do in USA which is a little dissapointing for me. I love this holiday and enjoy seeing all the fabulous Halloween posts online. Have a great weekend. Julie


i decorate the most for christmas but fall is a close second. I need more halloween stuff and I am sure it will grow as my kids do!

Beautiful Mantles!! I love them and each gives great ideas for future mantles!


I decorate the mantle for Christmas, but otherwise usually not. Inspiring mantle photos! Have a great weekend...
pk @ room remix


Wonderful photos! I want to climb inside and sit by the fire.

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