Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

~Tomorrow is my first day back at college. These are the last courses I will need to take before I can start RN school. I went today to get a parking pass and make copies of the first pages of the textbooks that I haven't received in the mail yet. I didn't get the copies but a very nice young man with shoulder length hair and blue highlights that said he would let me borrow his lab book until mine comes in the mail. We will see....
~I didn't get my parking pass because there were literally about 100 people ahead of me and I just needed to get home. I walked around at least 45 minutes and climbed 8 flights of stairs. My short fat legs were killing me!!! They felt like they were on fire!! I thought I was gonna die! Oh lord, it can only get better as the days go by! Tonight I ate a salad for dinner!!
~One of my textbooks came in the mail today. The other two (College Algebra) are supposed to come by the end of the week and my last Anatomy and Physiology lab workbook by Feb. 5. I know it's taking longer by ordering them but if I had bought them new from the college bookstore I would have spent near $600!! If I would have bought used from the college bookstore I would have spent $500!! So I ordered from Amazon and spent $364!!! I like that! And I can wait a few days for them to arrive!
Lena started her online homeschool program yesterday. Well, we started doing the work today because it wasn't available yesterday. She worked at least 6 hours straight and that's because we haven't received all of her supplies and book to do the rest of the courses. Had all of her supplies arrived she would be averagine 9 hours and 40 minutes of homework each day. Bless her heart...I thought she was ready to kill me after she saw everything listed under her Daily Plan. I think it's going to be ok though. Tomorrow she joins in the Travel Club and Writers Club. She's super excited about that!
~This evening I went to Target looking for some jeans and t-shirts but walked out with two trench coats, one kahki and one black for $15 each! I was soooo excited about that! I still need jeans though.
~I'm super nervous about tomorrow. Don't know why. I have the BEST Algebra teacher ever...she explains things so well. And I found where my Anatomy and Physiology class is (3rd floor and you HAVE to take the stairs!) so I shouldn't be nervous...but I am! This is crazy! I'll be at college Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11-2. It's not really that bad...I just need to get over tomorrow and then I know all will be well.....right?
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Good luck, don't be nervous you'll do fine!


My son will graduate from RN school May 2012 and will have just turned 40 years old. He is super stoked but it has been a long road. You can do it girl.

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