Monday, January 24, 2011

Tarragon Trout w/ Lentil Bean Rice Pilaf

In our effort to cook more healthy foods we have had to explore new recipes and cooking styles. Living in the South and always seeing my mom cook huge amounts of food for our family and church family and friends, I am used to frying everything and making large amounts. The result for us has been larger and larger waistlines!! Not good!
~CC and I have been perusing Food Network and for healthy, tasty recipes. Sometimes it seems you have to sacrifice taste for lower calories and fat. So far though we have been really fortunate with the recipes we've found.
~Sunday evening I found a couple of recipes I wanted to try out. I bought lentil beans, heard they are really good for you. I found a recipe for Lentil Bean Rice Pilaf and Tarragon Trout. For the rice I sauteed fresh carrots, celery, garlic cloves (3) and one whole onion in olive oil.
After the vegetables soften I added in my lentils and vegetable broth. You will need to salt this some as the recipe doesn't call for any salt.
You are also supposed to add in uncooked rice but I only have instant. I just made it in a separate pot and added it to the mixture.
While that was simmering for 25 minutes I prepared my trout. Each fillet was brushed with olive oil, dusted with garlic powder and salt, sprinkled with tarragon (fresh is better but I only had dried) and then squeezed lemon juice. The recipe also calls for lemon slices to be placed on top of the trout. The two fillets I didn't place the lemon on stuck to the foil. Fold the foil up to form a pouch and bake for 15-20 minutes.
Everything was so delicious! Papa Bear made this wonderful sauce for the fish with plain Greek yogurt, spicy mustard and capers. It was so delicious!

I do think the pilaf was a bit heavy for this dinner. The trout would have better been paired with a salad but it was great nonetheless.

~~~~~~Today was class and then helping Papa Bear. I didn't cook but we picked up Koobideh Kebob from Pasha. My goodness, words cannot describe how wonderful that was. All of Lena's books for her homeschool came in today. There were boxes everywhere! She was sent a globe, jump rope, tambourine, kick ball and books galore! She was so excited to finally get on a steady schedule. I am so happy she is excited. I studied for about two and a half hours and needed to here I am blogging!

~Tomorrow I don't want to do anything but stay in and clean house. My cleaning has been neglected since I've been going to school and helping Lena with hers. The house is not in horrible shape but it's not in tip top shape. The floors need mopping, clothes need to be put up, the winter mantle needs to come down...Just little things that add up.



Holy pickles! That looks yummy!! Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog, tonight! It means so much!



That looks like a lovely way to serve trout. I think I would have the rice as a meal of it's own for lunch. I love stuff like that. You sure are one busy lady. Please be sure to take even a half hour for yourself too.


I am going to have to try this, April. It looks really good. Thanks for the directions.....Christine


G'eve April ~ You are really busy with all this schooling ... so dinner would sound good any way you got it prepared.

We are in the middle of a fabulous blizzard ... yippee!

Have a great eve ~

***Icy BC

This looks so good!

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