Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE 2010 - NYD 2011

I'm not feeling too well today..lots of congestion, sore throat and just feeling sluggish!! So, I tried my hand at making a collage of our New Years Eve 2010 photos and our New Year Day 2011 photos.
We started the evening last night with a trip to Starbucks. Luigi went with us and they gave him a cup of whipped cream. He LOVED it!!
We girls decided to drive through this neighborhood we absolutely love and take one last look at decorations. They were having a mini fireworks show, so we pulled the car around, turned off the lights and enjoyed the display! It was so pretty!!
I was too tired to cook so after Starbucks I picked up a couple of frozen pizzas from Target. They were delicious and warm and hit the spot!!
We spent New Year's Eve at home was perfect! Lena attempted to put on eyeliner, CC watched Mixed Martial Arts on TV, Papa Bear slept (he was still not feeling well after slicing his finger so deep) and I ran around capturing as many photos as I could!
Even Tiramisu (tara), our guinea pig, got photographed!
I found Lena in her restroom quietly putting on makeup. Papa Bear kept asking her if she had on eyeshadow...telling her she's too young for eyeshadow. She told him over and over that she really didn't have on eyeshadow. And she didn't...she had on eyeliner!!
Today, the first day of 2011, Papa Bear and I had to run to the mall to one of our stores to tighten a few stones and something else..not really sure what! Afterwards we stopped by Bill Miller Bar-be-que and picked up ribs and brisket and some good iced tea! It was perfect!! We rested a bit after lunch and then ran a few errands. Once we got home CC reminded me I still owed her a game of Monopoly. After how bad I beat her I think she is rethinking playing me again!!
This was her reaction when she landed on my North Carolina property, with a hotel and owed me $1275....AND she already owed me $600 because she landed on Tennessee with a hotel and didn't have money for that. By this time in the game Lena had forfeited her properties and money...I beat her out too!!
These girls should know by now... I have only been beaten once. ONCE! And I don't plan on being beaten again. Even the scientist Abdelkrim can't beat me. I have a strategy...and I always win!!!



WOW! Once! are a pro-monopoly player.
Happy New Year..2011




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