Monday, January 3, 2011

My Morning Routine

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Today's prompt for the 2011 Blog Dare is to write about our morning routine. Now that I am not working my morning routine is MUCH different than it used to be. I used to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, drag myself out of bed, brush teeth, throw my hair in a ponytail, grab a pair of jeans from the dirty clothes because I was too tired to wash the day before, pull on one of Papa Bear's t-shirts because they were usually cleaned and slide in flip-flops. Thank goodness the department of the bank I worked in allowed casual dress!! I then either drove through Starbucks or if I was really on a roll I would make coffee at home and then go to work. Nothing special....
Now that I'm not working I am able to sleep in until around 7 a.m. Not super late but it's a heck of a lot better than 4:30!! I make myself coffee or hot tea and fire up the computer. The first thing I LOVE to do is pull up my blogger dashboard and read any new posts that come up. I try to leave a comment for each blog post I read, it feels nice to see comments on our know someone enjoyed reading our post.
I also check up on my emails...
I feel that I am most productive in the morning. There is something about a still quiet house that makes me feel good. I love to hear the faint breathing coming from all rooms or hear them moving around in their beds ....sometimes I hear birds outside or kids walking by on their way to the bus stop. Some mornings I wake up before the sun rises and I love to sit at the kitchen table and watch the sky change colors of blue. When the weather is nice I will take my coffee/tea outside and watch the day begin while enjoing my roses!
IF I am in a good mood I will make some kind of breakfast so that when the house wakes up there will be something good to fill their tummies. However, breakfast is the one meal of the day that really gets me. There just aren't alot of options out there. Or at least I haven't found very many. I am desperately looking for a breakfast recipe exchange or link-up on blogger but haven't found any. If you know of any...please let me know!! I usually end up making a different meal for each person in the house!!
The animals are all following me around by this time so I let Luigi out to potty and fill his food and water bowls up outside. The kitties are also fed and given water. Charlie refuses to drink from a bowl so I have to stand and wait for him to finish drinking from my sink!
I like to get the girls up around 8:30- 9, get them fed and then start on homeschooling lessons. I also like them to break for about an hour around 11 - 11:30. By this time Papa Bear is usually up or has been up for a while. Once he is up it is non-stop go go go for me.
During these two weeks of winter break I've been waking up at 7, staying awake until around 8 and then falling back asleep until 10. NOT GOOD!!!
I tried so hard to break that habit today but failed and didn't wake back up til 10:30.... tomorrow I just won't lay back down!!



Morning is best for me too, by afternoon I'm pooped and have to get the kids started on homework and start dinner. :)


Clayton Thomas

Newest follower- my kids wake up extra early with or without me. This means I have to get up or be in for a rude awakening. Those are my mornings!


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