Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Weekend with a Scare

This weekend started with Friday being a wonderful smooth day! Thank goodness! It's been a long time coming!!
Saturday we met Mom and went to the park for a walk. The weather was/is supposed/is turning cold and wet so we wanted to catch up on some of the walking we've missed out on since Christmas. My Lena looked so pretty and I wanted to try to snap a couple of pictures of her in her last days as a 9 year old.

My CC was just as beautiful as always. It's hard to snap any pictures of her because she and Luigi are always so far ahead of us. must be nice to be skinny!
Mom wanted us to go over to her house and visit a bit but I had been planning to make homemade flautas all week and we were all hungry. It took a while and CC helped me but my goodness it was worth it! They were the BEST flautas ever!! Seriously...the best!
Today I had a pretty big scare. Mom texted me to see if I was going to church. I replied right back that I was just about to ask her the same thing. I got no response. Nothing. For hours! She didn't answer her cell phone, home phone or texts. I called my sister and she hadn't talked to Mom all day today either. I called her neighbor and he said her car was gone and she wasn't answering the door. I was freaking out! Mom calls me if she just goes to Wal-Greens to pick up medicine and she didn't call me to tell me she was going anywhere! I was so nervous. I loaded up the car and was driving over to her house when she called and told me she didn't hear back from me after her text this morning and she went to church with out me. I felt soooo much better!
Lisa invited me and the girls to go see Little Fockers. It. Was. Hilarious!!! We laughed so hard!! It was so funny... Papa Bear wants to go see it now and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing it again! Papa Bear called as we were walking out and reminded me that he wanted some movie nachos. So while I ran in to get them Lisa snapped these pictures of the kids....

Not great quality but it's all we had!! After the movie we went over and visited Mom for a while. I rubbed some of the knots in her leg and showed her some stretches to help loosen her muscles. Then we girls came home and I made rice with tortilla encrusted tilapia. Sooo good!! The weather is getting colder and I love it!!
Right now the girls are in bed, Papa Bear is finished working for the night and I just want to go snuggle up with him and watch TV.


Cindy Adkins

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad your mom is okay!! That is so frightening and I am glad that you found out where she was....I love all your pictures...what a wonderful family!!!


Glad your mom was okay! Sounds like you're a great cook, my kids wish I was! LOL! When I do manage to make something wonderful my son always asks, "Is this homemade?" When I say yes he'll say, "No, I mean did it come from a box or did you REALLY make it?" He has no faith in my cooking!


So glad to hear that your mom was ok. Now I want flautas....


Great pics! That is scary about your mom! Glad she's ok! :-)

Fish Tail Cottage

Thanks for popping over & commenting on my tea cups...i hope you'll come back & visit again. If you are interested, i just began "Cottage Flora Thursday's" for us that are ready for spring and want to see and share cottage garden pics! xoxo

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