Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Failed Attempt

I had such high plans today for us. For starters, I was planning to get up early, wake the girls up early, go buy groceries, eat lunch with Mom and then visit Sister Lassen to pick up our pearls. Instead, I woke up at 10:48, woke the girls up, rushed in the shower and ran to the grocery store.
I didn't get lunch with Mom and I didn't get to visit Sister Lassen.... hopefully tomorrow will be more on schedule. For one, the girls are in bed already and papa bear is home. That is nice!
I was up late last night preparing homework for the girls. As usual CC breezed through hers. Lena likes to drag it out.
Does it look like she is up to something no good??
That's because she is...she wrote real little at the top of her page "no pics."
While Lena was doing her homework and I was folding my third load of laundry for the day, CC took it upon herself to clean the pantry... ohhhh I loved that!! See her carefully checking the date on the can?
It's a good thing she did.... this box of mac and cheese expired April 2009!!!
And this can of beans expired August 2010!! Needless to say, we had lots of trash to take out!
Every once in a while we would hear a heavy sigh and a loud splat.... CC was enjoying herself a little bit too much by throwing all the expired stuff in a huge pile on the floor! See the rice flying?
Look at that cup of soup flying mid-air!!
Ohhhh this mama is loving the after!! I am so proud of her hard work..and no one asked her to do it. She was just going to do one shelf and then it ended up being all the shelves. I love my sweet baby girl!!
It's hard to believe she is going to be 15 next month. When did I become a mother of a 15 year old?? Time flies too fast! And my sweet little Lena will be 10 in six days. This makes me so sad. She will enter the double digit age and I guess that makes her a big girl... I guess she's been a big girl for a while but I still want them both to be my little babies. I love when they ask me to scratch their backs or make them a sandwich or bring them something to cover up with or to tuck them in at night. I hope they always want me to tuck them in at night.
Sometimes I wish they were still little babies and I could be a mother to them all over again, but do so armed with the knowledge I have now that I certainly didn't have then. But they are such sweet individuals and each so unique. They are just plain fun to be around and spend time with and get to know. And I do...I learn something different about them everyday. They change everyday, their likes and dislikes, their sarcasm, attitudes...you name it! I just wish I could hit a pause button or just a slow-motion button.... I wish I could keep them this age for just a while longer!



O, these girls do have a way of growing up. I am watching my GRANDGIRLS do the same thing. My youngest...our BABY...will be 9 in just a few days. bwaaaaaaa

This is my first Amaryliss and it is a blooming fool. I just took a photo of it and will post it soon. I think it now has 5 huge flowers and another about ready to burst into a flower. I just water it and it sits in a southern window.

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