Friday, January 7, 2011

Pink Saturday - Pixie Tree

It's Pink Saturday over at Beverly's beautiful blog "How Sweet The Sound." This is also my first Pink Saturday post for the year!!
Today I am showing a beautiful gift that my daughter received in the mail from another one of our favorite bloggers, Tobi at The Pink Pixie Forest.

My daughter is absolutely in love with Tobi's blog (as am I!!) and can spends hours upon hours just browsing through each lovely post! And Tobi, being the wonderfully sweet and generous lady she is, made my daughter this beautiful pixie tree, packed it in layers of pretty pinkness and sent the box down to Texas! My daughter almost cried when she saw this packed neatly inside....
The little pink ballerina's around the tree are the perfect compliment!

I love unicorns and so does Lena... she also loves ballerinas, especially after seeing The Nutcracker.

I love the golden color of the tree....and how perfectly the pink accents it!
It was truly a perfect pink present for a very sweet little girl!!
Tobi also included this sweet card.
I just recently wrote about why I blog....this is exactly why. Blogging allows us to meet such fun, sweet people we otherwise never would have met. I have made many friends here and I cherish each one of them. You can visit Tobi's etsy shop here. She has so many pretty creations you will have trouble choosing just one. And I can tell you, these are truly beautiful pieces in which she put into time and love.
As I was entering Lena's room to snap pictures of her pretty pixie tree this is what I saw....
She had her purple spider wrapped around her back. She reminded me of the Evil Mom on Coraline!! This sweet girl will turn 10 in three days. I can't believe time has flown so fast. I love this little girl so much more than I ever thought it was possible to love. She is so unique and funny and smart and sweet and I could go on and on. And I know that there are shoes all over the floor (guess she gets the shoe fetish from me, and me from my mother and grandmother) but I didn't want her to remove them because I want to remember her in this moment just like this.... shoes and all!
Don't forget to stop by Beverly's blog to see more wonderful pinkness!!



I can understand your daughter's feelings over this gift. That is great, and so kind of your friend to do this.


What a beautiful and thoughtfully kind gift. I'm sure your daughter will treasure it always. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!


What a grteat gift. Happy pink Saturday


Sweetie, just wait until the Amaryllis blossom is gone, then cut the stock back about 1/2 way, then water lightly when dry ... in the spring/summer put it outdoors watering as needed ... in Oct. bring in, cut leaves back if you wish, place in a cool dark place for a couple weeks to get it set for winter blooms, barely water ... put out in a window where it gets sunlight by end of Nov. & it will bloom & start to increase the watering. Sometimes they only give (1) bloom but usually (3), they last for a few weeks.

Love your little Christmas tree from Tobi, she is one excellent artist & creator of such beautifuls ... it is another awesome Tobi original.

Happy Birthday Lena ...

~ Pop over for our GIVEAWAY if you haven't ~
Have a beautiful PINK weekend, sweetie.
Hugs, Marydon

Country Wings in Phoenix

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
Oh that Tobi and her Pixies, are they not just the BEST? She has a heart of pure GOLD. I love visiting the magical forest she has. I find such a happy heart when I am there.

I love this gorgeous tree that she created especially for your beautiful daughter, Lena. I hope she dreams on that magical unicorn for many years to come. It will take her to many happy places.

Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

Many country hugs sweet friend, Sherry

Tobi Britton*

Hi April and Lena!
Don't forget I left lots of space for you two to collect and glue on your own vintage ornaments and knicknacs together!
I am so thrilled that you like the tree.
Big sparkling Hugs to you both,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Coralie Cederna Johnson

Pretty little pixies by the beautiful Tobi! And your daughter is a sweetie!!! Happy Pink Saturday, friend...thanks for your visit!


Tobi does have a beautiful blog, but it looks like her heart is so much bigger. What a lovely thing to do for your daughter. Happy Pink Saturday, Char


This was such a sweet thing for your daughter.
Love your pretty pink post.


How pretty this is~! A wonderful gift for your daughter!!

Fish Tail Cottage

Thanks for coming over & posting about my tea cups. I hope your's come out of hiding too! Tea parties w/our daughters are special moments...without those moments, i don't think my girls would care about the collection i have!
xoox Hope to see you back soon!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

Love the tree from Tobi! A wonderful gift for your daughter and lots of pretty pink too! Happy Pink Saturday weekend.



How exciting for your daughter (and for you) to receive such an awesome gift in the mail! What a lovely gesture. A happy birthday goes out to her too! Thanks for stopping by my PS post and leaving a nice comment about my LuRay collection. :-)

Bella Rosa Antiques


What a cute little tree. I can see how happy your daughter is. Happy Pink Saturday.


Hey April, you're not half as late making your rounds as I am:) That tree is adorable, almost as adorable as the sweet girl that received it! Happy Belated PS!

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