Thursday, January 27, 2011

Terrific Thursday

Today it was so warm and pretty. The high was probably in the low 70's! I just couldn't pass up a moment for us to go to the park so Luigi could walk and so we could too! Luigi had so much fun and played in the dog park at least an hour before we went to the trails to walk.
I saw this beautiful dog in the dog park and then again on the trails. His owner told me he is an Olde English Bulldogge. All I know is that he is absolutely beautiful. This will be my motivation for finishing nursing school. I can't think of a better graduation present!
Luigi was going crazy with all the birds out today. He kept jumping on this tree over and over. I guess it didn't help that we kept telling him, "Go get it!! Go get it, Luigi!!"
Mom met us too, even though she had just come from the dentist with the beginnings of a root canal having just been done!
Tuesday Mom came over and we went to look for Lena a bookshelf or something to put all her book from TXVA on. Her computer came in today too! She is so excited. It's a brand new HP and has everything blocked on it that is not child appropriate, basically it's the same computer you would find in a school. Anyway, we went to Target to see what they had for storage and CC found this stand-up mixer on sale. Mine is old but in good working condition, except for the beaters. One is breaking and hanging off the stem, replacement beaters would be around $ Tuesday I bought a brand new one for......
Oh yes, I was so excited!! Today I opened it and used it to make us strawberry cupcakes.

And we decided to put chocolate icing....
with red sprinkles....
I'm not worried about eating them because I don't care for chocolate! Haha!!
And in my effort to make healthy food (especially after being so smart and making almost 2 dozen cupcakes) I bought chicken breast, seasoned them up and sauteed them in olive oil.
I have been so hungry for a fresh salad...
The only dressing we used was olive oil, fresh lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. Oh. My. Word. It was soooo good!!!
~Tomorrow is school. I've been finding it really hard to find time to help Lena with her homework and make sure she is staying on top of it, help Papa Bear with his work, keep the house clean and clothes washed AND food cooked, study and complete my homework and blog... By 11 p.m. I am exhausted!! I used to go to bed around 1:30 - 2:00 a.m. just because that's how long it would take me to finish everything that needs to be done here at home. So now I'm going to be around 11 and sadly, some things just don't get finished here in the house. I guess it will take me a few weeks to get a schedule straightened out.
~I hope this weekend is a nice, slow, relaxing one. It's supposed to rain so I hope I get stuck in the house!! I love the sound of rain. I love hearing it hit my fireplace and pound on the windows. I want to just lay on the couch and listen to it.... Do yall have anything special planned for this weekend?



We did all our running around today so tomorrow is a softball league Spaghetti dinner (they cook) and Sunday a Park Variety show (they sing and dance)so I don't think I will be doing much.

I get tired reading all you a great weekend.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade

First of all what adorable dogs... it did sound like a great day to take a walk! OMG, those cup cakes looks so yummy, actually it all looks yummy! My plans for the weekend is to work on things to add to my website, it's in desperate need of updating... sounds like you have a lot on your plate too, seems to always be something to do! Hope you get to relax a little this weekend!
Blessings~~~ Daphne

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade

I just joined as your newest follower!!!
hugs~~ Daphne

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