Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lena's 10th Birthday

Yesterday my sweet baby girl turned 10 years old!! So we spent the entire day doing exactly what she wanted. This is one of the major perks of homeschooling!!
First we had to stop by one of our stores. While Papa Bear was inside we girls listened to music and took some pictures to keep us from getting too bored!

Lena requested ribs for lunch, which I told Papa Bear she was going to want. I should have bet on it!! Papa Bear wanted to eat beef ribs so after calling lots of different places we finally found one that sold beef ribs AND claimed to have THE BEST beef ribs in San Antonio.....
They were right!! That's Lena's plate above. She couldn't finish her plate!!
And skinny CC ordered light turkey with double green beans. I guess we should have followed her lead but Lena, Papa Bear and I really wanted ribs!
This is Papa Bear's MASSIVE plate of beef ribs. We took home lots and lots of ribs!
After lunch Papa went home to place an order and us three girls went to Petland. Lena of course found the cutest Siberian Husky there. He is only 9 weeks old. She wanted him so bad and he was so cute but I've heard horror stories about training them. I just don't have the patience for it. CC found a long haired dachshund puppy. She was so cute!!! Even Papa Bear liked the pictures I sent him.
While we were in Petland Papa called me and told me we needed to stop by and get some watch batteries for him. I love the entrance to the building and had to take pictures!

You really can't imagine how huge the banana trees were!
So I had the girls stand in front of them.
This area smells so fresh and it's so cool inside. I just love it!!! I could stay there for hours!
Look at the size of that tree! It's HUGE!

It was really sad because Lena was off and on crying in all these pictures because of the husky. I understand they are probably one of the most beautiful dogs. However, we have Luigi and our back yard really isn't big enough for two big dogs! In Texas it gets really hot over summer and I don't know how a Siberian Husky will fare in our heat. But the bottom line is I have heard repeatedly from Husky owners and have read online that they are so stubborn. It's really life long training with them. They dig and run if the accidentally get loose. I just can't deal with that right now. And Luigi is such a perfect dog even if he is huge. He's so smart and pretty well mannered. I just don't think I could do a husky!
So, Lena was sad and didn't want to go to the mall. I needed to return something anyway so we went. She was crying in there too. I felt bad but what was I supposed to do? Buy a bad dog because it's pretty? It took some prodding but eventually she wanted to look for some Converse shoes. And we found them!! I went into Journey's looking to purchase Lena one pair of shoes. I walked out of Journey's with four pairs of shoes and three stacks of socks. I guess they know when they see a sucker coming!
Back home Luigi was enjoying his huge beef rib bones. Toby wanted in on some of the action but Luigi wasn't letting that happen.
The sales person that helped us at Journey's was the same sales person that helped Lena and Mom when Mom took her. He remembered Lena right away. The first salesperson asked Lena what she wanted, she described them and he immediately said no we don't have those. So Derek came out after seeing Lena, asked her what she was looking for, ran to the back and produced these.... exactly what she was wanting!
She's been wearing them all day inside the house. In fact, she just took them off. I also bought Papa Bear, CC and myself each a pair of shoes. I'm loving mine as well.
This evening on our way to our store we saw a tow truck carrying two vehicles smash and run off the road a Ford F-150 pulling a trailer. The tow truck driver didn't stop. Both vehicles were teeter-tottering and almost flipping. Papa Bear chased down the tow truck driver honking and flashing his lights and made him stop. I was on the phone with 911 and giving all the tow truck drivers information. Finally the two truck driver stopped and said he didn't know he hit anyone YET he was on the phone with his boss asking him what to do. It took about 30 minutes but the police finally arrived. The driver of the F-150 was a man from Mexico that hardly spoke any English and I'm sure would have had no voice against Texas Tow had we not chased the two truck down and called the police. I felt so happy that we were able to give a voice to one who other wise would not have been heard.
So now it's late. Dinner is served and dishes washed. The girls are playing Lena's new Wii game Thrillville. And I am about to go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow I can catch up on my blog dare 2011! (And it's sooooo cold outside! I'm loving it!)


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What a great event I came along here. All the best to you and your family!


Those ribs look SO yummy! Where did y'all go?


Cozy Home Scenes

Happy birthday to Lena!

I'm sorry about the puppy. I'm the type who wants anything with fur that I see, so I know how it is to want a dog that you can't have. If you want another dog, maybe you could find a mid size dog that would be a better fit for the family. Dachshunds can be sweet dogs. In fact my most favorite pet I've ever had was a dachshund. But be aware they are very, very prone to back and neck issues that may require surgery. If you have a large dog, I might be concerned about getting a dachshund for the physical issues in case Luigi played too rough or jumped on it. If you really are looking for a dog, you can tell the pet store or a shelter your lifestyle and I'm sure they can help talk Lena into a dog she'll love just as much as that Husky.

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Clayton Thomas

Newest follower- Sounds like one full day. I am reading this at lunch time and the picture of the ribs made my belly rumble. (Ha Ha) All the best,


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