Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Food & An Unforgettable Thursday!

Wow!! This week flew by! I am waiting for something important to come in the mail and I keep telling Papa Bear, "It HAS to be here by Saturday because Monday is a holiday. So it HAS to come either tomorrow or Saturday...." Well, tomorrow IS Saturday!
I promised the family I would make breakfast pizza for them. So Thursday morning I woke up early and got to work frying bacon and chopping tomatoes and mushrooms.
It was delicious!!! When I was in middle and high school my mom and I would go to the little cafe in H-E-B and we would each grab a slice of breakfast pizza before she dropped my off at school. I love having those memories with her.
Mom and I had been wanting to go to Incredible Pizza to really just relax and talk. The pizza is not that great but the cheese sticks are and sometimes they have this unbelievable meatloaf! Yesterday was not the day. But we had fun anyway. Since we just had pizza for breakfast we mostly ate salads and veggies and of course their bread sticks.
We started talking about how Toby acts when he gets into catnip. Lena wanted to demonstrate to Mom how he lays on his back and kicks his legs against the wall then reaches back and grabs his cat nip mouse. When she was demonstrating this I did feel the booth move. When she finished her demonstration I tried to push the booth back to it's place and this is what happened......
I kept trying to fix it and it only got worse. I KNOW this was not all Lena...that's completely impossible!! I remember seeing a separation between the booths when we first sat down but I NEVER imagined something like this would happen. The final straw came when I gave it one last push and sat down and felt the back slip down. I got up and saw the seat moved from the wooden frame. I couldn't help it...I laughed and laughed and laughed so hard that I had to go to the restroom.
By the time I pulled myself together CC came in the restroom and showed me these pictures and the flood of laughter started all over again. FINALLY I was able to stop laughing and made my way out of the restroom. Mom and Lena had all ready left the restaurant and were in the car. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard.
Lena found this wonderful recipe for Mediterranean Salmon and Avocado, Tomato and Feta salad. We made it Thursday night. The salmon had to be broiled, which was something I had never done before...I was a little nervous. But it came out exceptionally good. Honestly, I think it was one of the best dishes I have ever tasted.....ever! I'm pretty sure marinating it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar was the magic trick!
Today I made Russian Borscht. It's soooo delicious and just perfect for this cold, wet weather!! I didn't bother taking any pictures tonight. I'll probably add some tomorrow.
~We don't really have anything planned for this weekend and I am so happy for that. I really need to clean my room. It is in desperate need of a good sweeping and mopping. I am actually looking forward to cleaning it!



YUM, that salmon looks absolutely delicious! Hope this dreary weather dries up a little, we have a basketball game later and I don't want to go out there! :)


So glad to have founds your blog!

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I love salmon. This really wonderful. Wish I had a big helping now.

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