Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolution and Want to Accomplish List

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Ok.. so over at we are given some prompts for the Blog Dare of 2011. I am so going to try to keep up with this!! It seems like a lot of fun!

Yesterday we were supposed to list our resolution for the year. Last year I resoluted to return phone calls quicker, well honestly, just to return phone calls. And to answer my phone. I seriously have voice mails on my phone that go back a couple of months!! Sometimes with homeschooling and helping Papa Bear out I get so behind and checking voice mails is the LAST thing I think about. However, I think I did much better. I checked my voicemail about once a month, I answered my phone AND I returned phone calls. I think it made me a better friend!

So this year I am going to try to get better organized. Will I ever be perfect? No way!! I'm not evening going to try for it. But I need to start daily lists, or who am I kidding..weekly lists and go from there. I hope it helps.

Today we are asked to list things we want to accomplish. I have a few in mind.
1. Get organized. Enough said..see above.
2. Get my girls back on a nighttime routine. Just because they are home schooled they think they have no bedtime. are sorely mistaken.
3. Try to devote at least one day a week with my mom. She devoted her life to me...can't I find one day to devote to her.
4. Learn at least two new healthy recipes a month. This way we will have variety and it will be easier to learn what to shop for at the grocery store.
5. Finish my last math and AP courses needed to enter nursing school. This will be my third time taking this math course, but my first time to actually really have a shot at passing. When I worked I had to try to do it online or in an afternoon course that was too rushed. Now I honestly have the best professor (I've had her before and maintained an 101 avg in her class) and I don't have to work so I can really concentrate on passing!!! Yes.. I am beyond excited!
6. Have a date night with my Papa Bear at least twice a month. I truly believe to be a better parent you need one-on-one time with your spouse where you don't have to be on mom-mode. You can just "be." I always come back relaxed and refreshed and happier...and more patient!

I think that's about it... I want to leave it on an even number..because I'm weird like that! What would you like to see yourself accomplish this year?


CollectIn Texas Gal

Your List is quite thoughtful of all the things that make life for others and yourself so important! Good luck with your math class and Nursing School. So many of us are going to get organized in the New Year...that's a Good Thing! Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you'll come back and check on my Cooking and serving Thru 2011 with the Joy of Cooking. It's going to be a challenge that will be rewarding in many ways!


One of my goals is to also cook 2 new meals a month!

Mommy B

Love your list :) Thank you for the follow!!


Good luck with your resolutions!!

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Have a blessed Wednesday!! :0)

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