Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Texas Sunset

For the past few days I have been promising to take Lena to the pet store to see a husky that she fell in love with. The husky was being played with by someone else so we choose this cutie first!
The kitty was so snuggly and we played with a Welsh Corgi (too cute) and an Akita. Oh man... I am going to try to upload that video. That Akita was honestly the WORST dog I have ever seen....EVER! It was eating CC's shoes, her purse, my charm on my bracelet, Lena's hair and face...yes, you read that right..her face! I swear that dog gave me a headache and I was ready to get out of there.
After the petstore we stopped by Starbucks for the holiday drink special. I had the Caramel Brulee frappacino. My was the best drink I've ever had!! CC had the gingerbread and frap and Lena the peppermint frap!
I took the girls to mom, visited a bit, got a BIG knot out of her back and then headed home. I stopped by Pizza Hut and picked up a pizza for me and Papa Bear. I had been craving one soooo bad! We were planning to make another attempt to get to the movie to see Due Date...and once again it didn't happen! I think we will just have to wait until it comes to Redbox! HA!
On the way home my breath was taken away by this Texas sunset....
It was so beautiful.... I couldn't stop looking at it!

It reminded me of this Russian fairytale...Nastenka asks "Rosy Finger Dawn" to not come out so she could finish knitting Marfushka her socks.... I guess this would be "Rosy Finger Dusk"!
I have relaxed and caught up on lots of DVR'd shows. That sure doesn't happen much!
Now I'm gonna go watch some TV with Papa Bear. I was sending CC a kind of grouch text about him and I accidentally sent it to him instead!!! Nice!! I still haven't figured out how to talk my way out of this one! Wish me luck!



Ooops, Freudian slip I guess on your is so sweet that you all give some loving to the pet shop animals. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


Whoops! Love that cat she looks exactly like our Alley!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!



I loved that same sunset as we left church yesterday. It was such a beauty... Good luck with the text mishap, sounds like something I would do! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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