Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holiday Tea Party

I was 'tagged' by my dear friend Melanie today to participate in a holiday tea party! Sounds like alot of fun!

The weather is getting cooler and cooler and the evenings are getting darker that! So...all this means.. the holiday season is approaching! How many of you are ready to celebrate? Let's spread a little bit (a cup, if you will) of warm holiday cheer around the blogosphere, shall we? Here's how it works (kind of like a chain letter, except less complicated, more fun, and there's no bad luck/good luck involved ;-)):

#1 - Blank -
#2 - Melanie from Country Roads:
#3 - April from Abramyan Avenue:

*If you were tagged in this post, copy and paste the contents on your blog.

*Move my name to the #2 position (moving #2 now up to #1, and erasing #1).

*Place your name, blog link, and e-mail address in the #3 position.

*E-mail the people whom you have now moved to the #1 and #2 slots to get their snail mail addresses.

*Send them each a teabag of your favorite tea. Feel free to include a note or postcard from your state/area (optional). You can mail a tea bag with a regular first class stamp.

*Tag 10 blog friends of your own and keep the tea party going.

*Enjoy the tea bags you receive, and new blog friends you've made!

So to recap: all that you're investing is two stamps, two bags of tea, and the re-posting of this party info. I hope, in the spirit of the season, you'll thoroughly enjoy sharing a cup of tea with one another! I love the idea of this...don't you? Cheers!

I'm tagging:
I hope everyone tagged plays along...I think it will be a really fun way to get to know the authors of blogs we read and share something we love with them. And honestly, who doesn't like a little snail mail once in while?



April,thank you for thinking of me. I just have too much on my plate at this time. I barely get my post done each week. Perhaps I can join you on your next venture. I appreciate your visits and comments.

Jessey V

Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I am enjoying lurking around your page. :)


What a fun idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!



Thanks for participating in the tea exchange, April! One little oops I must mention though..Kristins name should now be in the #1 spot in your post! You'll be sending me and Kristin tea! Don't worry..I know its a bit confusing..I've already receieved one email about it!


Oh, April - this is great! As you know, I've been really busy between my mother and all things school and work. I am out of town this week, but will hopefully get to participate next week if that is not too late! Again, many thanks!



Sweetie, I'm sorry I can't participate in the swap right now. I appreciate you including me but I'll have to hold it for another time. Have a blessed day April.

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